First Transgender Owned Hotel Opens In India

First Transgender Owned Hotel Opens In India

Over the past decade, the LGBT+ community in India has gained a considerable amount of support from various other communities. Moreover, they have paved their way into business and politics as well. But, this hasn’t stopped the mockery or the discrimination they face.

A group of trans women realized their dream and have opened a hotel in Kerala. These six women aim at bringing a change in the society. An initiative to shift perceptions into a more positive light.



Ruchimudra is the creation of six like-minded women. It was started by Aditi Achuth, Saya Mathew, Preethi Alexander, Pranav, Ragaranjini and Meenakshi.

The hotel ‘Ruchimudra’ is situated in the state capital of Kochi in south-east India. Ruchimudra will be the first of its kind in Kerala. The hotel is a four-story building near the Kasaba police station in Kacheripady, Ernakulam. The premises will also house an office, shelter home, counselling and yoga centres for trans people.

The women received US$14,320 local government funding to set up the hotel.

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Image courtesy – Manorama

Although the project was granted Rs. 10 lakhs, the amount has only been enough for basic construction. The women have also received funding’s from a charity. However, this amount only covered the renovation cost of the four-story building. So, the women decided to complete a lot of work by themselves.

Kerala and its trans community

Kerala is one of the most progressive states in India. Hence, it’s not a surprise that the trans community to has seen development in its favour.

The government of Kerala has taken every initiative to provide basic necessities for the community.


In 2017, the state government assigned 23 roles to trans people on the new Kochi Metro Rail Service. In the same year, it launched a housing scheme as well.

The trans community has a long way to go. Although these schemes have been introduced, trans people still face violence and discrimination. Progress and equality is a long way ahead. As the saying goes, ‘where there is a will, there is a way’. The Lgbt community has a will as well as a way.


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