Frenchy Morgan Undergoes Seven Surgeries To Look Like Anime Doll

Frenchy Morgan Undergoes Seven Surgeries To Look Like Anime Doll

Surgeries are common these days. Women want to look like a doll every time but want to go through little effort to achieve it. We have a human doll that went through plastic surgery to end up looking like a barbie doll. That is just one of them we know about. Now we have yet another who wants to transform into an anime doll. Do you know who we are talking about?

Frenchy Morgan is a common Celebrity Big Brother Star. Her real name is Angelique Morgan. She was a huge hit in the Big Brother show. She is now in news for another exciting topic.

Frenchy Morgan wants to look like an Anime Doll.

Frenchy and her favorite anime character/ frency morgan
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The bisexual reality star explained how she is obsessed with K-Pop, anime and Japanese manga. One of her obsession is to undergo surgery to have her dream look. She wants to end up looking like a character from an anime which is a type of traditional Japanese animation.

In a documentary, called Hooked on the Look on Barcroft TV, the star explained how she was tired of people thinking her 34E breasts were natural.

All she wants to do is transform into her favorite anime character. Frenchy wants to look more Asian and sexier. And she will be undergoing a transformation to get really big boobs.

“I’m on my quest to get a transformation to look like my favourite anime doll.”

She describes her anime character to be tall, slim and very very beautiful with huge boobs. That is what she hopes to achieve with this transformation. She mentions how she is not satisfied with her look right now. Moreover, she says she is not going to be happy until she looks more anime and sexier.

People should do whatever they can to make that feel better. And that is exactly what Frenchy wants to do. She has already had implants that made her boob a 34E. Now she wants them bigger as she feels bad when people say they are natural. She added: “I don’t want to look natural – natural is boring. [I want to look] as plastic as possible.”

The number of surgeries and the cost is uncanny.

Picture of frenchy morgan/ Frenchy Morgan
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After her implants, she plans to get two more surgeries for her body.  She aims at shrinking her waist. She also wants to augment her butt. After which she hopes to have five more surgeries on her face. Frenchy is looking to get a fa graft to her cheeks, a facelift, a rhinoplasty lip lift, and an eye lift. All this just so she can look like her favorite anime character.

She has already spent $50,000 on her look. That is her breast implants and her nose job. The other fiv surgeries would cost her another $100,000. The amount is not small, but when you need something you need it. Money is never a question.

What’s more, is that even her boyfriend has also gone under surgery to look like BTS singer Park Ji-min. Since he is also a fan of K-Pop and a superfan of BTS. Frenchy gets the support of him as well. Since he knows what it is all about.

Frenchy Morgan and her boyfriend are planning to take a jet to Japan and later to Seoul, South Korea in April. They plan to complete their lap of treatments along with exploring the very famous anime world

Human Ken doll- Roddy Alves.

Image of Roddy Alves/ Frenchy Morgan
Image courtesy: En24 News

Well as mentioned earlier, Frenchy Morgan is not the only one to have a transformation like this. Just weeks before Roddy Alves came out as a trans woman. She had undergone surgery and came out looking like a human ken doll.

The fellow Celebrity Big Brother star explained how she felt like a barbie more than a ken doll. The Big Brother star explained how she tried to live life as a man. She had a six-pack put in. She also had got fake muscles in her arms. But she felt like she was lying to herself.

Roddy Alves says, “I’m a woman and have always had a feminine brain. Now my body matches my mind.”

Not all trans women chose to have surgery. They also do not have varying amounts of surgical interventions. But it was different for Alves. She has already gone through more than seventy cosmetic procedures. And it was no surprise that surgery will be a part of Alves’ transition.

Alves said that she loves being a woman and everything that comes with it. Even though she has been trolled and called a freak and a weirdo. She says that she is nervous about how people will react. But that did not stop her from going ahead and doing the procedures.

At the end of the day, it is one’s own choice on how they want to look. No matter the cost or what people have to say.


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