Frogs May Wed; Same Sex Humans May Not

Frogs May Wed; Same Sex Humans May Not

In a country where it is illegal for same sex couples to love each other and get married, Madhya Pradesh Minister of State for Women and Child Development, Lalita Yadav who represents Chhattarpur constituency solemnised a wedding of two frogs at a temple in Chhattarpur. All under the pretext of satisfying the rain gods to help bring an end to the 2 year dry spell in the drought-stricken district of Bundelkhund.

Several villagers congregated in the temple premises to witness this one-of-a-kind wedding, which was followed by a grand feast.

The temple priest Acharya Brijnandan stated, “The frogs’ wedding followed by a feast is an extremely old tradition carried out to please divine beings.” He is among those who believes that there will be high precipitation this year because of this weird wedding ritual.

‘A Logical Tradition’

However, the Opposition parties remained dissatisfied and asserted that the minister’s illogical act would encourage and propogate blind superstition. The last thing that the citizens of this country need is to live in a world shrouded with myths and blind faith.

The minister however, defended herself, arguing instead that the marriage was a “logical tradition deemed necessary to balance the environment”.

While our politicians remain blind to the woes of a marginalised section of LGBTQ+ society, that is gradually growing in numbers and clout, they continue to bicker and expend tax payer’s hard earned money in propagating superstition and tomfoolery. They visit foreign countries under the pretext of ‘learning’ newer methods of drip irrigation and rain water harvesting only to come back to the country and encourage such idiocy.

When will our politicians learn that they will actually garner more goodwill by genuinely helping people from their constituencies with better policies and groundwork rather than indulging in such pathetic propoganda.

If such be our ‘learned politicos’ India’s future is sure going to the dogs……er………or is it frogs?!

Written By:- Abhishek Aggarwal and Delshad Master

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