FSoG On Danish Radio Speaking On Maaya 2

FSoG On Danish Radio Speaking On Maaya 2

Sec 377 has been abolished and while the LGBT+ community celebrates its heart out the entertainment industry is gradually catching up. Maaya 2 is one such bold move.

Many filmmakers  and web series producers are now coming out of their comfort zones to make movies and series where the main theme revolves around the LGBTQ community. These films need not always be love stories between 2 homosexual lovers or ‘triangle’ love stories (as we like to call them in India). Instead these films and series are made with sensitivity and understanding not just about love but about other aspects that affect the LGBT community in general. It could be on issues like coming out, finding parental acceptance, day-to-day problems faced by the LGBT+ community, etc.

While FSoG has always maintained that scrapping Sec 377 is only just the tip of the iceberg conquered, an entire mountain remains to be overcome. The books have already rectified their error; the war now remains to be fought among the closed hearts and minds.

This is exactly why we applaud the efforts made by people like Vikram Bhatt who came up with a very bold web series called Maaya 2.

Maaya 2 is a love story of two girls, Ruhi and Simmi, who dared to fall in love in a world where it is not considered ‘normal’ to do so. Is their love powerful enough to fight Puneet, a man who is hell bent on breaking them, and the mindset of an entire society?

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Web series’ fortunately remain uncensored in the Indian media space, at least until now. Therefore they gain instant popularity simply through word of mouth. The other great thing about the internet is that it has broken down barriers between the rich-poor, rural-urban, English speaking-non English speaking classes and masses. The Net has been a huge leveller and now with uncensored content you can attempt to show things absolutely the way they actually are.

To talk on not just Maaya 2  but other issues like Section 377, the Indian Television and Film Industry, Censorship in India etc FSoG was invited by a Danish Radio Station ‘Radio24syv’ to participate in its podcast on the subject of homosexuality, the world over.

Here’s a link to the broadcast where you can hear FSoG’s Content Manager Delshad Master speak to a popular Danish RJ Anne Sofie. Delshad takes on issues that plague the Indian mindset with regards to the LGBT community: 

Also read about FSoG at the Bangalore Pride in 2016.

It is indeed distressing that India, the land that gave the world the bible on love, ‘The Kamasutra’, is today plagued with “cultural prejudices” that make it impossible for the LGBT+ community to find love and acceptance.

We at FSoG continue to strive effortlessly to make our world more inclusive, more accepting and more colourfully diverse.

We thank ‘Radio24syv’ for reaching out to us and helping us reach out to many more and for making our voice and efforts resonate the world over.

Team FSoG

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