FSOG x Lululemon

LGBTQIA+ Community Sweat Event!

FSOG collaborated with Lululemon to ideate, curate and help deliver an amazing and action packed LGBTQIA+ community event #SweatWithPride. It was a fantastic experience and such a pleasure to collaborate with a brand that puts diversity and inclusion at the very heart of their organization and strives to create an environment of equal opportunity.





Following the community sweat event, a panel discussion was organized with FSOG’s founder Shubham Mehrotra, that delved into the themes of ‘Identity, Acceptance and Hiring with Pride’. The panelists were from fashion, athleisure and hospitality industries and shared their views on the importance of diversity as an engine to drive impactful, positive change in our workplaces and society.

FSOG x Aatma Pilates Studio

Exclusive Pilates Brunch!
FSOG collaborated with Aatma Pilates Studio to plan and execute the perfect weekend pampering session with energetic Classical Pilates Flow followed by calming Tibetan Singing Bowl Meditation and a nutritious brunch specially curated by JW Marriott Hotel Bengaluru, all this with a group of like-minded, wellness conscious people.

Do you. Be you. Celebrate you.

March with FSOG

FSOG campaigns for LGBTQIA+ rights
By celebrating gender identities, expressions, and sexual orientations, FSOG strives to make India a place where people can understand and respect one another. Shubham Mehrotra, our founder, passionately represents the rights of the LGBTQIA+ community and has taken FSOG to the forefront of social change.
Gay pride