Gay Dads From Modern Family To Get Their Own Spin-off Series

Gay Dads From Modern Family To Get Their Own Spin-off Series

Everyone’s probably heard about the hit show Modern Family by now. The show which won five best comedy series Emmys recently ended after 11 seasons and 250 episodes. But the show’s creators made sure that the ending felt more like a beginning. The members of the show’s extended clan were off in new directions. The infamous gay dads from the show might have their own new show soon!

The Modern Family gets a modern end

Modern Family/gay dads/Gay Dads From Modern Family To Get Their Own Spin-off Series
Image Courtesy: The New York Times

In an interview with The New York Times, the show’s creators Christopher Lloyd and Steve Levitan talked about the ending and said, “Not to get too pretentious about it, but you hand the series over to the viewers at the end to do with the characters what they want. To launch everybody on these new paths seemed like a hopeful way to end the series.”

Levitan further stated, “We always tried to be a happy show. Everybody was heading towards something that sounded pretty good.”

The show’s creators also talked about the finale airing during the coronavirus situation.

Levitan talked about the finale’s group hug and said:

“The most glaring thing is that giant group hug. That’s not something you see in real life these days, so it feels like we shot that 20 years ago. But I can’t tell you how many times through the years people have thanked us because we helped them through a tough time, be it a death, a divorce, an illness or losing a job. I love the idea that during this dark time in the world’s history, hopefully our finale can provide people with a little respite.”

Whereas Lloyd talked about the show’s resonance in these tough times:

“In one way, it’s nice that people will be home and may be inclined to watch the show with their families one last time. People are reacquainting themselves with their families, good and bad, and may be clinging to them more than they have in the past. That’s certainly a theme of the finale, so I think there’s a resonance.”


The gay dads and a potential spin-off

Mitch and Cam/gay dads/Gay Dads From Modern Family To Get Their Own Spin-off Series
Image Courtesy: LGBTQ Nation

In a separate interview with Deadline, the show’s creators expressed interest in a spin-off series starring the gay dads, Mitchell and Cameron (played by Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Eric Stonestreet). They admitted that nothing has been worked on yet. However, they also expressed that Ferguson and Stonestreet’s story was the most likely to work separately.

Spoiler alert:

At the end of the series, Mitchell and Cameron move away from the wider family. The gay dads get a natural break from the other Modern Family characters.

Levitan talked about their ending and stated, “I think that there are a couple of writers who are thinking about well, is there a Mitch and Cam spin-off? But they are literally just thinking about it. They’re using this time that we have now to think about it, if there’s something there. I’m not driving this but I’m a huge fan of Jesse and Eric.  And those characters are of course very near and dear to me. And I certainly think that they’re strong enough to carry a show.”

Lloyd, however, explained the reason for the couple’s relocating.

He said, “We wanted to have them off on a new journey. And it seemed symmetrical to have Mitchell follow Cam someplace and maybe be around Cam’s family because Cam had played that role in Mitchell’s life for the last 11 years. Cam had this opportunity to do something wonderful and exciting. Mitchell felt okay, that makes my obligation to let him chase his dream and I will go with him and see what that life is like for me.”

Lloyd, though, was also cautious about the idea of a spin-off. He stated, “Will that happen? I’m not sure but we would be probably dumb to not explore it. However, doing a spin-off is fraught in a lot of ways and we won’t do it unless we feel confident there’s something there. I don’t want to say it’s a long shot, it’s under discussion but we’ll see. We don’t want to jump into something like that, particularly because Modern Family is a tough act to follow.”

Mitch and Cam’s LGBTQ+ influence

The gay couple’s influence has been tremendous. They have been influential in how people view LGBT+ relationships.

Viewers watched them win equal rights to marriage, adopt their child Lily and just stay fabulous in general. Although the couple did play a relatively ‘safe’ and normal gay couple, this same portrayal might have helped shape American viewers’ attitudes.

The increasing acceptance of same-sex marriages in the US has also been attributed to the show and the couple and this has been termed the ‘Modern Family Effect’.





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