Gay Fathers Left In Debt After Fighting For Surrogate Twins

Gay Fathers Left In Debt After Fighting For Surrogate Twins

Two gay fathers bore twin daughters with the help of a surrogate mother. The decision left them in debt of £43,000. They fought hard in court to get custody of their daughters. The fathers spent loads on legal proceedings. They fought a bitter battle for their twin girls who were fighting for their lives in intensive care.

These gay fathers gave up all for their girls.

Steven and Marc, pictured in 2015 with their son/gay fathers
Image courtesy: Daily Mail

Steven and Marc Winchester-Horscraft live their lives in Shropshire, England. The two decided to have yet another surrogate pregnancy. They have a son from their previous surrogacy and wanted to complete their family with another child. This time they found a mother who was willing to carry their children. Steven and marc were in good relations with the mother. Thye had befriended her before the pregnancy. They even invited her and her boyfriend to their wedding.

The two gay fathers had to pay for the surrogate pregnancy, which amounted up to £17,000 due to the twin birth. They covered their legal costs. And in the hopes of getting the girl home, they spent more on buying essential equipment for the newborn. They had exhausted all their funds.

“Putting everything into the care of our twins, buying all the essential equipment needed for newborns, we were already in minus funds”

Before signing the parental record the surrogate couple asked for an addition £3,000. When they were unable to pay the amount, the surrogate couple texted them saying they would not put Steven as the biological father on the birth certificate. The surrogate mother refused to hand over the parental responsibility of the newborn. She gave them new names and claimed her boyfriend was the father.

It was hard for Seven and Marc to deal with this. They really wanted to build their family but they did not have enough to provide the surrogate couple.

The legal proceedings put them in a pool of debt.

Image of the twin girls/gay fathers
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It was a hard time for the gay fathers. But the girls were also in a bad state.

The pregnancy ran smoothly until 2019. In August the surrogate mother went into labor at 28 weeks. The couple drove for three and a half hours to see their kids only to find put that the newborns were kept in intensive care. And that they would be there for a couple of weeks. Steven said this was “only the very beginning of our long, excruciating nightmare.

Steven explained how one night when they came home from visiting their girls, the surrogate mothers’ boyfriend came to their house to ask for money. £3,000 which they did not have. When they refused to do so, the surrogate mother denied them the chance fo meeting the twins or receiving any information about their welfare.

They had called the hospital and had put a ban on seeing their newborns or giving them any information regarding their care. The fathers were not allowed to see the kids at any cost before the hearing. They were worried if the twins were even alive or not. “Before the first hearing our surrogate called the hospital and [put] a ban on us seeing our girls or knowing anything about their care,” Steven said.

They saw no other choice than to take legal action.

Steven and Marc felt terrified at the thought of losing their kids. Hence, they ended up taking legal action. They picked up a loan for £26,000 to cover the legal fees. They went through multiple hearing before the DNA tests. Eventually, the DNA tests confirmed that Steven was the father. And after six weeks they were finally reunited with their twin girls.

But the couple had gone through a lot of financial costs. Moreover, they were mentally and emotionally traumatized from this experience. They began fundraising to help pay off their debts. Thye also started a GoFundMe page that helped them collect donations.

“We would be eternally grateful for any help at all.”

Both fathers are nurses and they have helped others al their lives. Thye just hope that others help them as well to get them out of this awful situation. Due to the surrogate’s actions, they were not able to spend time with their twins. Steven said, “Both having to try and work as much as we possibly can to break even and get us out of this downward spiral.”

Thye had been through many surrogates before. They experienced some mss carriages and had many failed attempts at getting pregnant. But they never stopped trying. Thye even became life long friends with many surrogates. They decided to go down this path when their surrogate son asked for a brother or sister. But they never knew that circumstances would lead them here.

After all the drama they had to go through, they finally were reunited with newborn twins. And now they are a happy family. The money would come and go but miracles like this happen very rarely.

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