Gay Man Jailed For Filming Sex Acts And Threatening His Grindr Dates

Gay Man Jailed For Filming Sex Acts And Threatening His Grindr Dates

While hooking up with two men through the gay dating app Grindr, Okereke Ransom Okechukwu secretly filmed the acts with his mobile phone to blackmail his victims. Finally caught by the Police, he is now in jail.

He asked one victim to hand over S$500 or he would “ruin” him by circulating the video. Three days later, he asked another man to give him S$1,500, this time threatening to kill him with a gun if he refused to.

How he managed to do it

He got to know them on Grindr and met them for sex.

While the victim performed a sex act on him, Ransom would give an excuse to use his phone before filming the victim in the act.

After doing so, he demanded that the victim pay him cash.


The court heard that Ransom met the first victim on May 19 last year, the same day they began chatting on the app.

The Singapore permanent resident invited the accused to his home that afternoon, where he performed a sex act on the Nigerian as asked.

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While he was doing so, Ransom took out his phone, saying he wanted to check something on it. However, he secretly filmed the victim performing the sex act on him, before placing the phone in his pocket.

When asked to delete the video, Okechukwu refused and instead threatened to circulate it to “ruin” the man’s reputation. The man later gave him $500 but Okechukwu, instead of deleting the video, asked him for another $500.

Okechukwu left the premises only when the man alerted the police.

2nd victim

Okechukwu communicated with his second victim, the 32-year-old Australian, via Grindr the next day and on May 22 last year they met at the victim’s hotel room.

The man was performing a sexual act on Okechukwu when he heard a sound from the Nigerian’s cellphone, indicating that a video was being recorded.

The Australian stopped what he was doing and the pair quarrelled, with Okechukwu demanding $1,500 from him. When the Australian refused to pay up, Okechukwu told him that he had a gun and threatened to kill him.

The man said he would try to get the cash from the hotel’s reception. But when Okechukwu later stepped out of the room, the Australian locked him out and alerted security.


Furious, Okechukwu banged on the door but fled before security staff arrived.

He was arrested a day later at Hotel 81 Hollywood in Geylang.

For criminal intimidation, Okechukwu could have been jailed up to two years and fined. For threatening to cause death to his second victim, he could have been jailed up to 10 years and fined.
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