Gay Marriages Are Less Stressful Than Straight Marriages

Gay Marriages Are Less Stressful Than Straight Marriages

According to a recent study by a team of researchers, gay marriages are less stressful than heterosexual or lesbian counterparts. Lesbian couples report less marital stress than women who are married to men.

Heterosexual women reported the highest level of distress in their marriages. Straight men and women in a relationship reported about the same. However, male same-sex couples have the least stress.

Study says gay marriages are less stressful

lesbian couples/ gay marriages/ Gay Marriages Are Less Stressful Than Straight Marriages
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Micheal Garcia is the lead author of the study. She told the New York Times that it has been recognized that women are likely to report the most marital strain. That is only when it comes to opposite-sex relationships.

According to the study, gay couples have an advantage when it comes to lowering their stress levels. In gay marriages, the couples tend to divide their household chores more equally. They tend to have more in-depth conversations about their sexual relationship. Moreover, lifelong gender roles tend to give men more emotional autonomy and independence.

Debra Umberson has a very interesting observation. The sociologist from the University of Texas says women go all-in when it comes to their partner’s psychical needs. They give it their all to understand their partners. Women have been socialized to believe that it is their responsibility to provide emotional support. However, this is only true when this plays out when a woman is in a relationship with another woman (i.e. gay marriages)

Debra says, “But this plays out very differently when a woman is in a relationship with another woman compared to one with a man,”

Professor Umberson also told the newspaper, “With two women, there is a lot of reciprocity in care work — with each spouse aware of the other’s needs and preferences, and responding actively to those.”

Men in marriages

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Straight men in a straight marriage end to take work for granted. They are usually unaware of the work their wives provide. Moreover, straight men in marriages fail to recognize their partner’s needs for emotional support.

Gay marriages, on the other hand, are different. Umberson says that gay couples are more low-key when it comes to emotional care. Gay couples offer support when it is needed in their gay marriages. Moreover, they do not treat it like a routine obligation.

Gender roles also play a huge part in the household chores. Women are generally expected to do the bulk work around the house.  However, same-sex couples end up splitting the so-called feminine and masculine chores more sexually amongst themselves. They prefer to not rely on outdated gender roles.

The study gets stronger with more statistics

gay couples/ gay marriage/ Gay Marriages Are Less Stressful Than Straight Marriages
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Studie shows that 74 percent of same-sex couples share their child care duties as compared to heterosexuals couples which is only 38 percent. The difference in numbers is quite vast. It shows how accurate the research is.

Women are usually the primary caregiver. Generally, it is assumed that it is their responsibility.  Moreover, same-sex couples of both genders also spend more time with their children than straight couples.

Couples in gay marriages are more likely to have deep-rooted conversations that surround their emotional and sexual needs. They also have more expectations than straight couples or lesbians.

According to the study, it is more likely that gay couples allow for extramarital sex than others. They frequently have more detailed agreements on what is or what is not allowed.

Gay men have more volatile dating relationships. It is quite interesting that they do. However, once they formalize the relationship, they tend to have a stable union. It can be as stable as a male-female couple and more stable than female-female relationships.

The conclusion

It is clear from the study that gay marriages work better and have less stress than straight marriage. Gay couples also tend to have a better understanding than straight couples. The reason being that different-sex couples tend to have a gender gap between them. They do as society tells them to do and that causes more misunderstanding between them.

When it comes to gay couples, they have a stronger bond and rely on each other for emotional as well as sexual support. However, it is not the same for lesbian couples. The study says otherwise but the percentage is less than that of straight couples.

The study is quite accurate and based on real research of real-time couples.

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