Gay Penguins Steals An Egg To Make A Family

Gay Penguins Steals An Egg To Make A Family

Oh my god, this is just so cute!! Here’s a story that will make you giggle and applaud. And the venue of the story? The zoo! No kidding. The story of two flightless birds that is sure to make your day. Penguins are among the many birds from the animal kingdom who are also homosexual. So reading about two gay penguins who decided to start their own family is a level up.

Over time, I learnt how to unveil gay drama, and speak about a homosexual relationship. And yet deciphering this jewel of a news is a tad bit hard. But let’s delve right into it anyway.

Flap, and Under The Flap

This cute little gay penguin couple was clearly hell-bent on starting a family. And in order to do so, they stole an egg from a straight penguin couple and decided to raise it as their own. Pretty straight forward, right?

Maybe an adoption setup would work better than stealing the eggs? Well, anyway, this is not the first instance of gay penguins wanting to raise babies of their own. Pink News also explained how gay penguins raise babies if not for stealing it themselves. Humans steal it for them.

The same-sex penguins receive eggs by the zookeepers. But in all fairness, this only happens when the straight couple cannot look after the baby penguin. Although, the same-sex penguins of the Dieren Park Zoo, Amersfoort decided to act on their own and steal their own egg. (Maybe they thought us unreliable or lazy?) And this zoo in the Netherlands witnessed the whole thing. Picks/Gay Penguins Steals An Egg To Make A Family
Image Courtesy: Above The Law

Finders Keepers?

According to Pink News, the gay pair mysteriously “acquired” the egg. That’s not entirely true. The couple found an “opportune moment” perfect to steal the egg.  The straight penguins who were the original owners of the egg left it “unguarded”, the gay couple stole it. And then took turns sitting on it to make sure it is kept warm. Such loving parents. Thieves but loving thieves.

Dutch News reported the Zookeeper, Marc Belt’s observation.

“The gay couple are looking after the egg very well and take turns in keeping it warm.


Luckily for them, the straight couple they stole the egg from did not mind it. They also went onto produce another egg. The couple will most likely keep a closer eye on the brand new one. Either way, this seems like a happy ending. We have known about gay penguins before but stealing an egg is new even for the zookeepers.

“Homosexuality is fairly common in penguins, but what makes this couple remarkable is that they have gotten hold of an egg.”


The zoo reported that one of the gay penguins stands in front of the nest where they are keeping the stolen egg warm. They also explained that it is currently hatching season for black-footed penguins. And they have spotted the first chick in the colony. The expectation is that there will be a few more very soon.

The zookeeper added: “Among those new chicks we naturally hope to welcome one from the gay couple, we are waiting.”

Sphen And Magic

Maybe this will be a story similar to Sphen and Magic. The popular gay gentoo penguins at the Sea Life Aquarium in Sydney. The gay pair are now down to their second egg. They have successfully raised penguin chick 1. The first baby chick is called Sphengic. Mahen for the second maybe? Picks/Gay Penguins Steals An Egg To Make A Family
Image Courtesy: Fox News


Sphen and Magic are a class apart too. Like most straight penguin couples, where the male penguins give a special stone to show their love, Sphen did the same for Magic. The “special stone” is considered equal to proposing in the love language of penguins.

The couple is presently taking care of the egg in the “neatest and largest nest in the colony”. Their nest has a display of “ice pebbles”.

Penguin Goals

We can only wish it was as easy for gay couples across the world to adopt a child. With laws that override non-discrimination, and still criminalise homosexuality, the world out there is difficult for anyone who is not straight. These penguins are setting examples of progress and understanding that the human race clearly has not developed yet.

Zookeepers think it wise to give gay penguin couples eggs and chicks that are uncared for. So why it is not as easy to apply this among humans? Anyway, we are just happy that the egg and a future baby chick has a family that cares for it. And if there are any updates, we will keep you posted.

It’s strange that despite many animals being homosexual in nature, penguins are the closest to human gay people. And this incident is just evidence of that.



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