Gay People Reveal The Cutest Things Their Partners Did For Them

Gay People Reveal The Cutest Things Their Partners Did For Them

Love is love. And love is just so lovely! We asked people on our Instagram to tell us the nicest things that their partners have done for them. And then there was a flood of responses that made us happy-weep. And we decide to share a few with you.

So, if you are single, I’m sorry, but here’s something that will keep you hoping for someone beautiful. If you are not single, then congratulations. Now go share this with your loved one, or do something nice for them.

Two and Two:

My partner has a habit of buying everything in twos. I always thought he bought things as a backup and never really checked with him. Until recently, when he bought two packs of car perfume. I told him it doesn’t make sense that he gets everything in twos, we could always return to the store. And that the car perfumes would lose its fragrance. He stared at me blankly. And he pointed at me and said, “one”, and pointing to himself said, “two”. My heart, this man. I am so happy to have found him! Pride/Gay People Reveal The Cutest Things Their Partners Did For Them
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Exes and Ohs

Many of us have been in extremely toxic relationships. But most of us are told that it is rude to talk about your exes. So when I saw traits of an ex in the guy I’m seeing now, I got real jittery and turned my evacuation mode on. I began to slowly pull-away and drop hints that I don’t see it working. In my previous relationship, my partner had begun to take me for granted and thought of my needs as demands. And it left me feeling bitter about myself. I didn’t want to give that kind of power the second time around (if at all it was). So, back to the present, my partner hopped onto a train from his city to mine right after he was done with work and came down to meet me. This to me was a sign of being stalked. But after a coffee, and a few honest discussions, we spent the night over at his. This has made me more honest as a person, and be okay with the scars of the past.


Sappy meet Unsappy

We aren’t together anymore, but I really loved the man and everything that he ever did for me. So this one time we were on a trek. And we were discussing all the things in the world. He isn’t a very touchy-feely kinda guy. And I knew that about him before we were a thing. So, anyway, we are trekking, and he keeps plucking all kinds of flowers and offering them to me. He doesn’t break away from the conversation the entire time. I hadn’t realised until pretty late that he gave me almost 20 different kinds of flowers. When we reached the cliff, he asked me to throw them in the air and got a picture of flowers showering me while I was standing at the edge of a cliff. Pride/Gay People Reveal The Cutest Things Their Partners Did For Them
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He’s available all the time. I know this doesn’t sound like a big deal to a lot of people. But this is one of the most important things to me. I am not big on people, and I often come off as dismissive and indifferent. I have a very small circle of friends and also suffer from mild social anxiety. So when he first told me that I could call him anytime, I didn’t take him seriously. But over the past two years, there has never been an instance when I called him during work hours, late in the night, or when he was with his family. He would always take my calls and check if I was doing okay. If he was busy, he would still attend to check and ask if he could call me a few minutes later. And he always called a few minutes later. It is the nicest thing someone has ever done for me. And if he’s reading this, I want to remind him again that I honestly appreciate it.

Red Nose

Our first date. I am the first guy he’s ever dated. He’s 24. I notice a strange thing on his face the first time we met. His nose was red. I kept teasing him about it and called him Rudolph. I couldn’t take it anymore, so I spouted out, “What is up with your nose?” He turns red and his voice mellows. “I got my blackheads removed”, he says. So I asked him if it is something he does regularly. He said no. He went the extra mile. For a date. With Me. I am a happy reindeer.


What are the things you love and appreciate about being in a gay relationship? Do you think it’s easier for your partner to understand because of the similarity in gender? What’s the best thing about being gay?

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