What In The World Are Gender-Neutral Cocktails?

What In The World Are Gender-Neutral Cocktails?

Okay, hold up! So we now divide food and drinks into genders? Are people honestly concerned that a certain dish may come off as too masculine and feminine? Yup! And we have proof. Britain’s Restaurant, “Burger and Lobster” have taken it upon themselves to protect the fragile masculinity with Gender-Neutral Cocktails.

We already feed the idea of gender binary more than enough. We have already got gendered toys, clothes, spaces, activities, chores, products, sports, rules, and rights. So we do not need more things to be demarcated according to gender. And also, what does it matter? Especially when it comes to food? What makes burgers a masculine thing and tacos a feminine thing? If that is that case, then what gender is lasagna or a Quesadilla?

Feminine Drinks/Gender-Neutral Cocktails
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Glass, Colour, and Fruit!

Pink News reported this news from Burgers and Lobsters to point out the rampant sexism that does not seem to bury its head. And this is not a blatant accusation but rather a well-researched statement. Two thousand people took part in this survey. And the results show that our fight against gendering is in for a long haul.

According to the research, sweet or fruity cocktails are tagged to be for women. And of course, the stronger, spirit-based drinks are deemed suitable for men. And if you need a percentage to picture it on the total population, it means more than one-fifth of them think this way. Around 21 percent of the drinkers in UK say that they are uncomfortable to order a drink that is “more appropriate” for a different gender.

What’s worse is the reason behind more than half the people taking the survey stating that a few drinks should not be ordered or consumed by men. They genuinely think that a few drinks are of a “feminine” colour and have “frivolous garnishes”. Also, those who dare to break this unnecessary and uncalled for stereotype said that they were teased for their choices. And drinks like “Cosmopolitan” is too girly, while an “Old Fashioned” is too manly.

Gender-Neutral Cocktails/ Burger & Lobster
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Gender-Neutral Cocktails

And as a result of this seriously sexist results, a restaurant in Britain has taken to start a new line of drinks. And turned them “gender-neutral”. Caressing the fragile egos of the men and women whose gender prohibits them from having a drink of their choice.

Personally, I think as long as it is alcohol, everyone is going to be drunk at the end of it. So why does it matter that your drink has a cherry or a peel of an orange on it? How does it matter if your drink is colourful or colourless? Can we stop gendering things that don’t need to be gendered? Can we be less judgmental? And maybe, just maybe invest that energy into bringing justice to victims of abuse and violence?

Nameless And Genderless

Pink News reported that the Burger & Lobster restaurant has decided to launch a brand new menu of cocktails that are “gender-neutral”. What does that mean? We are glad you asked!
The traditional Pina Colada, Mojito, Negroni, Margarita and obviously, the Cosmopolitan inspire the line. But what makes these Gender-Neutral is that they are transparent, and you guessed it, nameless.
Addressing the transparency of the drink, it is pretty cool that the team at Burger & Lobster has managed to pull this off. And they still use fruit juice in their drinks. But with the help of a certain “clarification” process such as filtering, which removes the particles in the liquids and allows the flavour to stay. Yet, that is still a long process to use to create drinks that do not break the fragile ego of a man.
Gendered Drinks/Gender-Neutral Cocktails
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But remember, the drinks do not have names either. Pink News reported a comment from the Head of Marketing, Ben Hedley. He said,
“The colourless and nameless cocktails are an exciting concept, not only for us but for our customers. They are always on the lookout for what we are doing next and we hope this will encourage more people to feel comfortable in what they are drinking.”

Are colourless and nameless drinks are supposed to be gender-neutral cocktails? Well, not yet. There’s one more thing to do before we can finally call these drinks “gender-neutral”!


We are talking about the glasses. Since research showed that two-thirds of the people found it “off-putting” when their drink arrives in a glass that is too feminine or masculine. Really though? Glasses?

But we probably can imagine that the restaurant has probably found a quick fix for that too.

The new range was tried in two London branches of Burger & Lobster last month. And by the new year we will probably see the gender-neutral cocktails roll out in all of their restaurants. Are you ready for some gender-neutral cocktails? Or will you just stick to the drink you like no matter what gender it is for?


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