Gender Classes! Yes, they exist now!

Gender Classes! Yes, they exist now!


  “To be in an inclusive space like this is very powerful and important.”

In a world so confined in the binary construct, there is a the start of something revolutionary, Genderful.

Genderful is an event held at the Brooklyn Public Library and  is organized by the non profit organization    If You Want It, ltd based in New York. The organization supports the fight for gender self-determination and body sovereignty through community building, retail sales, events and charitable giveaways.

Kids are always sensitive to the slightest things and especially when it comes to integral parts of their being like gender, so educating them about sexuality, gender and it’s fluidity is very important.

“There’s a lot of conversation around the difference between someone who grows up in a world where they’re made to be this or that compared to the world where we just offer kids the opportunity to explore their gender on their own and to land where they want to land” says the Co-founder of “If You Want It”

Genderful, supports the expanding the definition of gender through art and celebrates that story telling

Laura Jane Grace, is a trans rockstar who is helping kids explore their Gender Identity

“My daughter, I know al that matters to her is that I love her and that I’m there” For kids, I feel like gender is a lot more fluid and it’s not a part of your daily existence or your interactions with your friends. and if you withdraw them from certain gender coding situations, kids are just kids when it comes down to it.” says Laura.

A parent of the a 6 year old transgender child had this to say, “To be in an inclusive space like this is very powerful and important. My 6 year old is transgender, he transitioned about a year ago. I just noticed over the course of time, between 2 and a half years old to 5 years old, he became very, I’m gonna get emotional — withdrawn, anxious and depressed ”


I think it’s life saving to have events like these.


Laura Jane Grace Helps Genderful! Program Teach Kids About Gender

This event hosted by transgender rocker Laura Jane Grace is all about teaching kids about gender identity

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Written by Shreyanka Thejaswi 

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