Grey’s Anatomy Bisexual Star Sara Ramirez Came Out As Non Binary

Grey’s Anatomy Bisexual Star Sara Ramirez Came Out As Non Binary

The forty-four year old Grey’s Anatomy star, Sara Ramirez, came out as non-binary last month, on the 27th of August. Sara came out in a very heart-warming Instagram post.

They Updated Their Bio On Instagram: 

Ramirez is famously known for their character as Callie Torres on the hit ABC medical drama – Grey’s Anatomy. Sara also updated their social handle bio along with the post. To describe themselves as a “non-binary human” and that their pronouns from now on would be she/they.

This American-Mexican actor uploaded latest a photograph for their new Instagram display picture. In which they donned a purple v-neck t-shirt and triangle earrings and said: “New profile pic. In me is the capacity to be: Girlish boy, Boyish girl, Boyish boy, Girlish girl, All, Neither.”

Fans of Sara Ramirez, who came out as bisexual in the year 2016, were absolutely ecstatic at this news as well.

Sara Ramirez: ‘I was afraid of the discrimination I might face, not just outside Hollywood, but inside.’

Their Iconic Role In Grey’s Anatomy: 

Sara Ramirez played the character Dr. Callie Torres who came out as bisexual to her father during season 5 of the show, back in 2009. By doing this, Sara Ramirez bulldozed the path for several countless characters in the showbizz.

The orthopedic surgeon Dr. Callie Torres, was also a part of the LGBTQ community, for almost a decade on this forever-running medical drama. Torres initially came into the show as a resident and with a love interest for the long-gone George O’Malley (T.R. Knight).

sara ramirez/sari ramirez/Grey's Anatomy Bisexual Star Sara Ramirez Came Out As Non Binary
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Callie embarked on a brief relationship with another woman, who is now-departed female surgeon (which ended because the actress Brooke Smith was suddenly fired), which caused her to struggle with her bisexuality and caused a rift with her parents.

As the years went on, she finally met and married pediatric surgeon Dr. Arizona Robbins. The couple also gave birth to their daughter, Sofia (with an assist from the departed Dr. Mark Sloan). Their marriage ended after several problems of infidelity and multiple failed attempts at couple’s therapy and reconciliation.

Ramirez’s Coming Out: 

“Coming out publicly was something that I was afraid of because I was concerned that it would affect my career in a negative way,” they said.

“I was afraid of the discrimination I might face, not just outside Hollywood, but inside.”

“As the years went by, and as the political climate intensified. And as I continued to read and hear about the countless forms of violence perpetrated against us, including the Orlando shooting at Pulse nightclub; an organic, incremental urgency to use my platform to empower those who are part of these communities that I’m a part of came over me. In a way that I’ve never felt before.”

Ramirez had no regrets whatsoever about their coming out decision, saying: “Coming out publicly has given me a sense of relief.

“It’s been a form of liberation for me to own all of my identities. So that I no longer feel the need to hold back or hide any parts of myself when I walk through any threshold in life.”

In Case You Didn’t Know The Meaning Of Identifying As Non Binary: 

Non binary is a gender identity, among other in the spectrum, that is totally different the sex people are assigned to at birth and from sexual orientation.

It basically means as identifying as a gender that is other than male and female. And sometimes even identifying as a mixture of both or neither at the same time; as per the National Center for Transgender Equality.

People who are nonbinary might choose to go by the pronouns “they/them” instead of “he/she.”

The non binary identity is clearly increasingly visible. A recent, January 2019 Pew Research survey tells us that a third of teens and people who are in their early 20s are are acquainted with someone who uses such gender-neutral pronouns.

Among many other celebrities, Janelle Monae came out as nonbinary in January. This list also includes Indya Moore and Sam Smith – they came out as nonbinary too. Furthermore, this pronoun – singular “they” – was even announced as  word of the year in 2019 by Merriam Webster (an online famous dictionary).

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