Happy NY PRIDE March Proposal

Happy NY PRIDE March Proposal

A lesbian proposes to her lover at the New York Pride Parade.

While the land of the ‘Kamasutra’ proposes Imprisonment for Same-Sex Love.

Love knows no age, time, or gender; it transcends all barriers.

In what couldn’t have been better timing for a lesbian couple, one lover proposed to the other right in the middle of the NY Pride Parade while the other, shell-shocked though she was, accepted and sealed it with a kiss.

Amidst the swarm of rainbow Pride flags, glitter, colourful floats and festivities of more than 48,000 marchers that poured over onto the streets for the New York Pride Parade on Sunday, 24 Jun 2018, this one moment will remain engraved in their minds forever.

When Trudy Mermudez, a fire-fighter working with the New York Fire Department (FDNY), decided to propose to her long-time girlfriend right in the middle of the parade route, the crowd erupted with waves of love and joy.

While Trudy had been contemplating on the timing of the proposal for the past 6 months, her girlfriend, para-medic Tayreen Bonilla was entirely taken by surprise. The two met at their first job with the New York Fire Department, about five years ago.

Initially Mermudez was a bit apprehensive about such a clichéd proposal at a Pride Parade but finally mustered the courage to pop the question. “I felt like there was no better day”, she told CNN in an interview.


Though the couple had never marched at a Pride Parade before Trudy made it truly special for Tayreen right in the midst of a crosswalk a few yards away from the historic Stonewall Inn. She went down on one knee and proposed with a ring to which a shell shocked Tayreen accepted with a resounding “YES” followed by a long, passionate kiss. The crowd just erupted in spontaneous applause and congratulatory hugs while tears of joy streamed down many-an-eye.

Speaking of ‘fairy tale endings’ and ‘happily ever afters’ there  surely are a million blessings backing these dreamy-eyed lovebirds.

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This fairy tale proposal begs the question, “When will homosexuality be legalised in India?”

For those already in the know, homosexuality has been criminalised through an archaic law passed by the British way back in 1860 when India was a colony of the crown. The law itself had been enacted more so for political reasons rather than moral ones. The British have long moved on since, out of India and out of Homophobia as well, but in India ‘Love (same-sex) continues to remains under arrest’.

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The irony of the whole homophobic situation in India is, it did not exist before the British literally thrust it down our throats. Hindu mythology and manifestations of certain gods are also portrayed as being either homosexual, bi-sexual or transgender.

A number of Hindu mythic stories have portrayed same-sex experiences as natural and joyful. There are even several Hindu temples with carvings that depict both men and women engaging in homosexual sex. Many of the deities are androgynous and some even change gender in order to participate in homoerotic behaviour.

Apart from The Taj Mahal, India’s other global claim to fame The Kamasutra speaks of men who desire other men as being from the ‘third gender’. A number of 14th-century texts in Sanskrit and Bengali tell this story, including the Krittivasa Ramayana, a devotional text still extremely popular today. For example: these texts explain that Bhagiratha’s name comes from the word bhaga (vulva), because he was born of two vulvas.

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Even today in India, politicians, mystics, celebrities, people who can largely influence mindsets remain grossly ignorant and go about publicly spreading misinformation and spewing homophobia all around them. Thereby, creating an atmosphere of fear, hate and misguided & toxic masculinity.

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Here’s wishing Trudy and Tayreen all the very best for their wedding and a beautiful married life ahead and here’s hoping that same-sex Indians are soon liberated into a country that is a true, vibrant democracy both in letter and spirit.

Written by:- Delshad Master

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