Has Piers Morgan been Fired for his Comment against the LGBT+?

Has Piers Morgan been Fired for his Comment against the LGBT+?

After not appearing on the show on two consecutive days, people are now beginning to wonder if Piers Morgan has been fired from the show. Yesterday and today, the popular host was not on the screen, and in his place was Ben Shepherd. Pier’s partner, Susanna Reid, was also missing from the show. She was replaced by Kate Garraway. So no one knows for sure what is up.

Until a series of tweets begun to ask about his whereabouts and wondered if he was asked to leave the show. Many tweets reflected that people were hoping for him to be fired.

They believe that Piers Morgan, a regular on Good Morning Britain should definitely be asked to leave the show. Thanks to his recent comments on gender neutrality which have caused a stir. And now, there is a petition being signed by many to have him removed from the show. Piers Morgan been Fired for his Comment against the LGBT+?
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Here’s a quick recap of what has happened until now.

Piers Morgan’s comment on identifying as a ‘Two-spirit penguin’

Last month, on a Wednesday, Piers Morgan along with co-host Sussane Reid spoke about news revolving around gender neutrality and diversity. Firstly, there was the news about a gender-neutral penguin chick arriving at Sea Life in London. That’s right! Staff at the London Aquarium commented that a baby penguin, child of a lesbian penguin couple would be raised without assigning a gender i.e. ‘gender-neutral’. This decision was made because, in the wild, it is “more natural” for chicks to grow into adulthood genderless until they attain maturity.

Then, Morgan went on to discuss one of the Teach videos from BBC. These are short films developed by BBC for PSHE in schools. According to Pink News, in one such video, a teacher told children that there were “100, if not more, gender identities”.

What happened when Morgan saw a clip from the video? Well, he screamed,

 “Shut up! Shut up, you people. Let me tell you some of these gender names: Neutrois, pangender, polygender, two spirit person, transmasculine… What’s a two spirit person?”

– As reported by Pink News

Co-host Reid then tried to explain the meaning of a ‘two-spirit person’. However, Morgan didn’t let her finish, cutting her off and questioning  “What’s wrong with male and female?”.

“What are you doing to these kids? What’s a two-spirit person? What’s wrong with male and female out of interest? ‘I’m a penguin. Identifying as a two spirit penguin. Everyone happy with that?’

– As reported by Metro Uk

Morgan disagreed with BBC’s making such content, saying, ” It’s not fine that’s the point.” Piers Morgan been Fired for his Comment against the LGBT+?
Image Courtesy: New York Magazine

Petition to sack Piers Morgan from the show 

His ‘two-spirit penguin’ comment about non-binary gender led to a petition demanding his removal from the show.  The petition titled “Remove Piers Morgan from Good Morning Britain” was started by Liam Austen on The petition description read,

“Morgan dictates to his viewers that it’s acceptable to deny an LGBTQ+ person of their rights; it’s acceptable to tell them they don’t exist; it’s acceptable to call them “snowflakes” when they get rightfully upset.”

– Extract from the Petition Description

According to Daily Mail, Musician Kennedy also called for Morgan’s removal from the show citing the reason as his “dangerous dehumanisation of transgender and non-binary individuals”. Currently, the petition has registered more than 17,000 signatures out of the total requirement of 25,000. But wait, there is more to this story.

Reportedly, there was an announcement made on Morgan’s social media platforms, announcing that there would be a debate live on Good Morning Britain about ‘whether I [Piers] should be fired’. Furthermore, the TV show hosted a poll on Twitter asking if Morgan should remain or leave the show. The poll received 37,722 votes so far. The verdicts on the pole seem to be clear. About 66 % of the voters have chosen for Morgan to stay on the show.

Where is Morgan?

Well, the TV Host is taking is on a vacation in Hollywood Hills. He is enjoying two whole weeks of sun and summer with his family. He even posted a picture of himself on Instagram after a hike. So folks, Piers Morgan is not going anywhere. He’s definitely going to be back in the show soon!

People are still hoping for the show to fire him because of his comments. He still does not believe that there are over a 100 genders and would not teach that to his four kids.

Honestly, I personally believe that Morgan needs to be taught with proof. But with his impertinence that he showered upon his co-anchor when she tried to explain things is evidence that he refuses to learn. Also, how many people really know that there are more than 2 types of gender and what they are?

What do you think? Should Piers Morgan be fired for his comments or should he apologize? Or should someone teach him about sex and gender? Or should we advise him to stop talking about LGBT+ issues altogether?

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