Hate TRUMPs Love

Hate TRUMPs Love

It’s not just the USA that’s reeling under Trumphobia, his policies have affected people, the world over. People are now not just reacting but making their voice heard as well; in huge and innovative demonstrations that cannot be ignored.

His stance against the LGBT+ community has put back the US by at least half a century. He conned most of America into believing that he was “a different kind of Republican” one who if voted to power would press upon his party to soften it’s harsh stand on LGBTQ+. His very first year in office proved to be anything but that and his policies exposed his lies for all to see.


The Trump administration tried to reinstate a ban on transgender people in the military. It nominated multiple people to the courts and elsewhere who have anti-LGBTQ records. It has directed its army of federal lawyers to take the anti-LGBTQ side in court cases. And it has done some extraordinarily petty things, like refusing to recognise Pride Month.


His one year in office has reversed a decade and more of LGBT progress made under the benevolent and just Obama administration. His report card would read thus:


  • He tried to reinstate a ban on trans people joining and openly serving in the military. The Obama administration in 2016 announced plans to reverse the ban in 2017. But Trump, in a series of tweets last July, announced he would bring it back, arguing that trans-related health care is expensive.


  • Trump appointed Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court to replace the consistently anti-LGBTQ Antonin Scalia. Although Gorsuch had a vague record on LGBTQ rights when he was nominated, civil rights advocates argued that, based on some of his past writings on marriage equality and religious issues, he could be a big opponent for LGBTQ equality. In just a few months on the bench, Gorsuch has proven advocates right; for one, he dissented against a Supreme Court ruling that requires states to list same-sex parents on birth certificates.



  • Trump’s Justice Department also rescinded another Obama-era memo that said trans workers are protected under civil rights law. This has enabled the federal government, including its army of attorneys, to now argue in court that anti-trans discrimination isn’t illegal under federal law. The courts are ultimately independent of the Trump administration, but the federal government can play a big role in legal arguments by throwing its people and resources behind a case.


  • In a major Supreme Court case, Masterpiece Cakeshop Ltd. v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission, the Trump administration argued in court in favor of Masterpiece Cakeshop, a bakery that’s claiming First Amendment rights to discriminate against same-sex couples. The case could have potentially enormous repercussions — opening a big loophole in anti-discrimination laws, particularly those that protect LGBTQ people, by letting business owners cite religious or moral justifications to discriminate.


  • Trump’s Justice Department argued that anti-gay discrimination is legal, filing a friend-of-the-court brief claiming that the federal Civil Rights Act doesn’t protect gay and bisexual workers. The lawsuit in this case was filed by Donald Zarda, a skydiving instructor who says an employer, Altitude Express, fired him due to his sexual orientation. The Justice Department in effect argued that this was legal under federal law.


“We’ve gone from a position where LGBT people are protected to one where we’re not,” Esseks of the ACLU said.


  • The Trump administration sent out a “religious liberty” guidance to federal agencies, essentially asking them to respect “religious-liberty protections” in all of the federal government’s work. It’s unclear what kind of impact the guidance will have, but LGBTQ organizations worry that it will be used to justify discrimination against LGBTQ people within the federal government and its work.


  • The Department of Health and Human Services enacted a new regulation and created an agency, the Division of Conscience and Religious Freedom, that will purportedly work to ensure health care providers’ religious liberties aren’t violated. LGBTQ groups argue this agency will effectively give doctors, nurses, and other medical staff cover to discriminate against LGBTQ people, because providers will now get protection from the federal government if they cite religious or moral objections to refuse service to LGBTQ patients.

  • Without explanation, Trump fired all the members of the Presidential Advisory Council on HIV/AIDS. “It’s outstanding,” Isaacs said. “HIV isn’t only in the LGBTQ community, but it largely is.”



With such an envious track record Trump is definitely in the reckoning for being USA’s ‘Most Hated President’ till date.

And the best part is, it isn’t just limited to the USA.

Today, (16 Jul 18) when Trump meets Putin in Helsinki,Finland a leading LGBT advocacy group, the Human Rights Campaign, has blasted Russian President Vladimir Putin and President Trump over ongoing crimes against LGBT people by presenting their disapproval in a very unique manner.


Last night, they projected messages on the wall of the Finland’s Presidential Palace where the 2 world leaders are scheduled to meet. They are protesting against the gross abuse and torture against the LGBT community of the Russian Republic of Chechnya. Till date, both leaders have avoided comment and refuse to take any action about the same.


HRC Confronts Trump-Putin With Projection Calling Out Anti-LGBTQ Crimes Against Humanity in Chechnya

HRC confronted Trump and Putin with an enormous projection onto the side of the Presidential Palace in Helsinki demanding that they end the ongoing anti-LGBTQ crimes against humanity occurring in the Russian republic of Chechnya.

Posted by Human Rights Campaign on Sunday, 15 July 2018


The HRC ran a campaign ‘#EyesOnChechnya: Helsinki Calling’ that saw a turnout in massive numbers outside of the palace in Helsinki. HRC’s reasoning for the same was that more than 100 LGBT people have been “rounded up, tortured and abused — and as many as 20 have been murdered.”

“Trump has unconscionably turned a blind eye to some of the worst anti-LGBTQ atrocities in a generation, including monstrous attacks on gay and bisexual men in Chechnya,” Ty Cobb, director of HRC Global, told the crowd.

HRC urged Donald Trump to end his deafening silence, publicly condemn these Chechen crimes against humanity, and call on Putin to investigate and bring the perpetrators to justice.

They were joined by representatives from Russian LGBT Network, the largest collection of organizations fighting for LGBT human rights, and Seta, Finland’s national LGBT rights organisation.

Not one to be left out, given the opportunity to shame the American President almost all of UK was out on London’s streets as Trump visited the British capital recently. Protesting almost all of Trump’s anti-women, anti LGBT, Islamophobic, xenophobic, pro-BREXIT and just about all his policies, London streets were choc-a-bloc with #BringTheNoise protesters vociferous and united by a common hate for the US president.

Though Trump seems to be indifferent to all the uproar being generated wherever he sets foot, the rest of the US is surely reeling under the pressure of their nightmarish error at the ballot.

Lets just hope better sense prevails in the US in 2020 and Love Trumps Hate!

Written by: Delshad Master

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