Here’s How to Share Your Stories with Fifty Shades of Gay WhatsApp!

Here’s How to Share Your Stories with Fifty Shades of Gay WhatsApp!

We at Fifty Shades of Gay, always aim to reach out to the LGBTQ+ and provide better content each day. LGBTQ+ is a dynamic community that changes daily with newer issues to tackle every step of the way. Thus, speaking about LGBTQ+ needs demands us to listen to our audience more. So we want you to become a bigger part of us and tell us your stories and experiences. We believe that you have the power to create a change, and build a support system for one another. And that is why we want you to be a part of our WhatsApp chain. You can now use WhatsApp to share your experience and perspective of articles with Fifty Shades of Gay. We will be using WhatsApp to open up particular topics to find out more about what is happening around. And you can share your opinions, perspectives and tell your side of the story.


How will it work?

If you already use WhatsApp, you will be aware of WhatsApp’s own terms and conditions. If not, you can download the app for free onto your device.

You can add the Fifty Shades of Gay on WhatsApp as a contact by adding the number +91- 6363348527. Exclusive/Here's How to Share Your Stories with Fifty Shades of Gay WhatsApp!
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We will be opening and monitoring the WhatsApp as a channel around particular topics.

And you will see us promote the WhatsApp number in our Blog page. We’ll ask you to include a keyword or tag in your message so we know which topic it refers to so it is easier for you and us to navigate.

If you share a story, photo or video with us via WhatsApp on this story, our team will receive it. We may contact you via WhatsApp for more information about your account. And try our best to use the messages we receive from you to inform our reporting. This includes featuring pictures, text, and videos on and other FSOG platforms. If we contact you and you do not wish to hear from us further you also have the option to opt-out by sending us an “Opt-Out” message.

Sharing stories, images, and videos with Fifty Shades of Gay via WhatsApp is subject to guidelines mentioned below. Please read them before taking part.


Your Data

When you use WhatsApp to communicate stories to Fifty Shades of Gay, we will receive your phone number and the public username you have set up. In some circumstances, we may retain these details to contact you at a later date in order to follow up a story. Otherwise, your details will not be kept for longer than necessary. We will not publish your WhatsApp contact details or use them for marketing purposes.


Use of WhatsApp to share stories, images or video footage with the FSOG is subject to the following guidelines. 

  • Don’t place yourself or others in danger when making films or taking photographs to share with Fifty Shades of Gay via WhatsApp in response to a call-out.
  • Ensure you get permission from the people who you are filming or taking pictures. Or if you film or photograph them in private places or engaged in private activities. This includes e.g. hospitals, schools, privately owned land or buildings. Private places are public or private property where there is a reasonable expectation of privacy.

  • Treat the people in your film and images with courtesy. Let them know what you are filming or photographing. Also, include why, and where your film or images might be seen (on Fifty Shades of Gay).
  • If you submit an image of or created by a child, and are not the parent or guardian of the child, you must get permission from the parent or guardian before you send the content to us. Pupils must not be approached or photographed at school without the permission of the school authorities. Do not include any material (location, name, school name etc) that could enable someone to identify the child.

  • Always get permission from the landowner before filming or photographing on private property. (This includes hospitals, schools, London Underground and commercial premises to which the public may have limited access as well as privately owned land without buildings).
  • Don’t include confidential or private personal information in your film or photograph without permission.

  • Don’t use material in your video or image that doesn’t belong to you or which you don’t have the right to use. You may be able to use copyright material without permission but as a general rule do not feature other people’s work (such as music, artwork or photography) in your film or image unless you have the permission of the copyright owner. Be particularly careful about playing music in your video (even cover versions) without the permission of copyright holders especially if that music is a feature of the film rather than something going on in the background.
  • Don’t include defamatory material (eg statements showing someone in a negative or disparaging way).

  • It is important that everyone gets a fair trial. Don’t make films or submit images about criminal proceedings whilst those criminal proceedings are ongoing. In particular do not interview those accused of crimes, witnesses or jurors about cases they are involved with. We will be unable to use such material on the Guardian.
  • Be considerate towards those involved in your submission. Don’t intimidate or harass anyone in the course of making your contribution. Do not use material which has been obtained surreptitiously, using hidden cameras or recording devices, and do not use material in your film or picture in a misleading way.

  • Don’t use the Fifty Shade of Gay’s WhatsApp contact for commercial purposes such as material intended to obtain funds or to promote, advertise or sell any goods or services.

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