Studies Say Most Heterosexual Women Are Not Totally Straight

Studies Say Most Heterosexual Women Are Not Totally Straight

There is sufficient data on sexual orientation across all countries. This data states that heterosexual women are the second largest group in most national surveys. This is slightly smaller than straight men.

28 countries are a part of a survey. According to this survey, 90% of the total population is female. This percentage is higher in countries that follow traditional notions of feminity. These are those that discourage engaging in same-sex behavior.

However, lesbian or bisexual is an alternative category given to these women.  Moreover, they are not asked who they are sexually attracted to who they have sex with.

90% may be an overestimation. Among men, it could be even more. However, only three traditional identity options are given to women. Which include bisexual, lesbian or straight. Most often women choose straight even when they know it is inaccurate. However, more non-straight options like pansexual, queer, fluid or asexual are given to women.  Most prefer choosing one of these because it reflects their sexuality, romantic desires, and gender preferences.

Why heterosexual women are not totally straight

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The proportion of purely heterosexual women decreases dramatically. When identity is not assessed by sexual orientation but by sexual behaviour and sexual attraction. Studies show that 66% of women are not attracted to the same sex. This group likely included straight women. Out of this number only 24% who have a slight degree of dual attraction. But these have rejected the bisexual identity label.

These women would have chosen something else if given the option. There are two studies of The U.S and British young adult women. The U.S reported 16% whereas the U.K showed 13%. These women reported that they are most likely to be attracted to the opposite sex. But sometimes they have same-sex attractions.

There are similar trends when it comes to sexual behaviour. In the British study, 15% of young adult women reported: “more often opposite sex, and at least once same sex.” The percentage is 6% more when it comes to older women. The reports are common across other countries. Straight identified women have has sex with other women. Moreover, it is common among younger generations.

The conclusion

According to these numbers, women report a high degree of od sexual attraction with other women. Yet they identify as straight because it is the closest identity option that is available in the surveys. However, the proportion is larger than it is for men who admit to not being fully straight. If women were given multiple options or open-ended question related to their sexual orientation, the number of straight women would decrease drastically.

Why women have same-sex attractions

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There is no real proof of this hypotheses but we know that it exists.

All women are born bisexual. They are receptive to psychological and social messages. This begins at an early stage. These may be attracted to men or attracted to women. This study is called psychoanalytic.

Women are responsive to contemporary cultural and social forces. Hence, they do not have a biologically based sexual orientation.

Popular media platforms eroticize women’s bodies. Therefore women may be doing the same when viewing sexual stimuli depicting women. This is according to a hypothesis by Chivers.

Moreover, women demonstrate an erotic plasticity. Hence, they are responsive to external influences like social, cultural and other contextual factors.

Women are in touch with their emotions and body sensations. They are sensitive to a range of erotic stimuli, regardless of biological sex or gender expression. Moreover, women are freer to pursue independent pathways. Hence they are less susceptible to social or cultural stigma towards same-sex sexuality than most men.

Women are generally the more attractive race. Hence, it is safe to say that women can have sexual attractions or envious attraction to another woman.

Bottom line: women psychology

Although we can’t say with certainty how many not-straught-but-identify-as-straight women there are out there. It is likely, at the present moment, to be higher than the rate of men. Moreover, it is lower in the older generations.

The best guess is that 50% of the United States female population is totally straight. This is the largest sexual orientation group among women.

Well, now we have a gist and a few statistics about how a women’s attraction works. But the statistics are still not very accurate. However, it is safe to say that it not bad that these women have sexual attractions towards other women.

Only if the surveys had more options when it comes to women’s sexual identity, the numbers would be more accurate. And we would have a fair idea of how things work.

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