H&M Came Out With Their New Pride Ad And It’s All Kisses!

H&M Came Out With Their New Pride Ad And It’s All Kisses!

As the season to be jolly, comes nearer, brands have taken it upon themselves to give the LGBT+ community a shout out. So you can expect to see ads promote acceptance, love, and familial bonding around this time. And H&M has now hopped onto the bandwagon.

Everyone expects to see pro LGBT+ ads around the time of pride. But with rising awareness, it seems like many brands know to represent the LGBT+ community no matter what time of the year it is. Belonging to the LGBT+ community cannot be limited to a month or a day. And just because the LGBT+ community is represented does not mean that it is celebrating pride. Came Out With Their New Pride Ad And It's All Kisses!
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All in This Together

H&M’s brand new ad is all about celebrating the spirit of the holidays and this time they decided to bring in gay and lesbian love along with the straight couples.

The H&M ad is entitled “Moments in Between” and encourages people to celebrate the moments that come in between Thanksgiving dinner, Christmas Mornings of opening presents, and counting down on New Year’s. The moments of the holiday season that come in between the big events. And like all holiday ads, it induces nostalgia and spreads the holiday cheer.

The ad shows people celebrating moments between the big events as well as the big events. People of different races, ethnicities, and ages are all shown enjoying together. In the ad one can see children wearing the same Christmas pants, tearing up gifts. Or a bunch of youngsters teasing each other and holding a mistletoe encouraging two people to kiss. And one snippet has a man with a Santa costume getting off a bus, which reminds a girl that the holiday season has dawned upon us!


H&M ad and the Conservatives

And as usual, the conservatives have an issue with this too! They simply do not seem to understand why the ads have to represent the LGBT+ community. Ruin the holiday spirit and the message that H&M is clearly trying to put across.

The representation of the LGBT+ community, no matter how minute it is, seems to be attracting hateful comments. The conservatives are posting hate comments on the ad, and H&M is not dealing with it quietly.

What’s weird about all of this is that the conservatives have the time to spread hatred even during the holiday season. And the ad only celebrates pride or homosexuality as much as it celebrates being straight. Not all the scenes are romantic, and many of them are not LGBT+ centric. There are barely two cute queer moments. Came Out With Their New Pride Ad And It's All Kisses!
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Many of the scenes shown aren’t romantic, and most aren’t LGBTQ. But there are two queer moments. Earlier in the ad, you would notice two women shown making loving expressions at one another in a laundromat. And much later, their story develops and they kiss under the mistletoe. And the other appearance of a queer couple is when two young men kiss on a stairway with no mistletoe anywhere around them.

Cute and Not Cute

As cute as the queer couples are in the ad, the focus is not on being gay or being straight. It’s about celebrating the moments in between. As mentioned earlier, there are people of all kinds. H&M is clearly all about inclusivity and celebrating diversity. Celebrating the holiday season across spaces and borders of any kind. And it is a unique idea that is unlike most other brands that dominantly celebrate the bigger events.

But it is sad to see Pride report that H&M is being forced to delete hateful comments about LGBTQ+ people that are under the post. And it’s just pretty darn disappointing that the conservatives cannot take a break from spewing all that hatred. H&M has not always successfully represented people. The last time they showed people of color, they received serious backlash from the community. But this time, they have progressed and captured the essence of the holiday season and it is quite something. Take a look at it yourself.

But the brand has been on the lookout for these hateful comments are deleting them as and when someone posts it. They also issued a statement stating that they support love and want to tell people to keep away from hurtful comments.

“We have a strong belief in love being for all and would like everyone to keep a friendly tone,” H&M replied to one person. “Therefore comments that are extremely hurtful and not in line with our well-rooted values about equality have been removed.”

Well, in the spirit of the holidays, maybe, just maybe we can hope for a more inclusive and non-discriminatory world around. But we also extend thanks to those who do those little things to ensure the LGBT+ community stays in the loop.


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