Homosexual Animals Exist?!

Homosexual Animals Exist?!

Same-sex pairings are not just a human phenomenon. In fact, they aren’t just normal in the animal kingdom, they actually occur more often than opposite-sex pairings. Researchers have found that almost 1,500 animal species are known for same-sex coupling. Insects, fishes, birds, mammals – you name it, there’s a high chance they do it.

And therefore, here are a couple of animals that exhibit homosexual tendencies:


Giraffes shares more sexy time with the same-sex than the opposite-sex. Studies state that gay sex accounts for almost 90 per cent of all observable sexual activity in giraffes. Furthermore, these creatures don’t just smash and dash.

Male giraffes are also exceptional flirts. They usually start off their sexual endeavour by necking each other. Necking is the act of gently rubbing their necks along the other giraffe’s body. This foreplay can last for up to an hour. This is follow up with the usual mounting on top of another. Animals Exist?!
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Bottlenose Dolphins:

Bottlenose Dolphins usually tend to display homosexual behaviours. These include oral action, which in dolphin, means they stimulate the other with their snout.

Both female and male bottlenose dolphins display homosexual behaviour. Homosexual activity occurs with about the same frequency as heterosexual sex. Furthermore, most male bottlenose dolphins are generally bisexual. However, they do have periods of being exclusively homosexual. Animals Exist?!
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Homosexuality is common among lions too. Two to almost four males often form groups known as coalitions. In these coalitions, they work together to court female lions. They depend on each other to fend off other coalitions.

But lions don’t use sex as a way of showing affection. Instead, they ensure loyalty through them. Members of the same coalition often sleep with each other to strengthen their bonds. Man researchers refer to this behaviour as a basic bromance rather than homosexual pairing. Animals Exist?!
Paul Goldstein for CBS News


Studies suggest that around 8 per cent of males in big flocks of sheep prefer males. This has also been proven true when female sheep have been around. However, this occurs only among domestic sheep.

Studies also suggest that these homosexual sheep have a different brain structure than their heterosexual counterparts and release a lot fewer hormones. Animals Exist?!
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Bison are extremely homosexual beings. This is mostly due to the fact that female bison only mate only about once a year. So, during mating season, when male bison get the urge, they just engage within themselves. They tend to perform same-sex activities almost several times a day.

More so, more than around 50 per cent of mounting by a young bison male happens within the same gender. Animals Exist?!
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Both female and male macaques engage in same-sex activity. The only difference between the two is their take on relationships. Males tend to have sex only for a night or so. Females on the other hand form intense bonds with their significant others. They choose to become monogamous or devoted to only each other.

In a few macaque populations, being homosexual is the norm. When these females aren’t mating, they choose to stay close. They can be seen sleeping, grooming and defending each other from outside enemies. Animals Exist?!
Courtesy – BBC


The Layson albatross is a particularly white bird that nests in Hawaii. They are known for their large number of homosexual partnerships. Around 30 per cent of the pairings that occur are made up of two females. These females tend to be monogamous and usually stay together for life.

Since it takes a male and female to bring a chick, the birds often have sex with males that are already in another committed relationship. The chick born is then brought up by the two female birds. Animals Exist?!
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Bonobos are thought to be the closest living relatives to humans. They too, just like us, are known for seeking sexual pleasure. Bonobos have sex very frequently, including with their same-sex counterparts. They tend to do so mostly for pleasure. But occasionally also bond with each other to climb the social ladder and reduce tension.

However, most bonobos that engage in same-sex activities are females, with almost two-thirds of them doing the deeds. Animals Exist?!
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Like many birds, swans are monogamous and stick with one partner for years. Many of them choose a same-sex partner. In fact, around 20 per cent of swan couples are homosexuals – and they often start families together.

Sometimes, one swan in a male couple will mate with a female and then drive her away once she’s laid a clutch of eggs. In other cases, they adopt abandoned eggs. Animals Exist?!
Courtesy – The Telegraph


Male walruses only reach sexual maturity at the age of 4. Until then, they are almost exclusively gay.

Once they’ve do reach maturity, most males become bisexuals. They mate with females during the breeding season. Some just choose to have sex with other males for the rest of the year. Males also embrace each other and go to sleep very close to each other. Animals Exist?!
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