How LGBT Friendly Are Bangalore Clubs?

How LGBT Friendly Are Bangalore Clubs?

LGBT couples denied entry in Mumbai and delhi

Insensitivity is shown either directly or indirectly. People often choose ways of the latter to hide such bigotry. Yet, we come across an example of outright discriminatory practices carried out by a restro-bar named Shiro in the metropolitan city of Mumbai.

Earlier this week, DNA had reported how Shiro had rebuffed the entry of homosexual couples in their bar for the new years’ eve this year. Following a massive backlash on social media, the bar had retracted its rule in the same week.

Curiosity got the best of us and we delved into some inspection. On further scrutiny, we tried to see exactly how friendly is Bangalore’s LGBT space.

Places like 100ft Boutique Bar had declined entry of same sex couples for their candle light dinner reservation. While other places, such as Skyye in UB City, Taj Vivanta, Vapour Pub – Indiranagar & Sheraton Bangalore, offer stag entries for same sex couples.

Skyye, UB City, Bangalore
Skyye, UB City, Bangalore

The Humming Tree has renounced the same stigma and has organized a house party to redefine the tag of a “couple”. Humming tree has an all inclusive yearly New Years’ Eve Party. When asked about the same, Tori Macdonald of Humming tree replied

Humming Tree, Indranagar
The Humming Tree, Indranagar, Bangalore

“As far as we are concerned, a couple is any two people. We don’t care if you are gay or straight  or transgender. Two people who care about each other and want to spend the New Year’s eve together become a couple for us.”

Equality has take another step here; the normal convention of girls paying lesser than men is also not being followed for this event. Everybody, irrespective of their gender, pays the same price.

Mayamma, a regular drag show performer at Humming Tree, says

“Humming Tree is open for everyone to enter or perform. I have been associated with Humming Tree since the beginning. For them to support the LGBT community is really close to my heart. I really appreciate their efforts.”

Maya performing at Humming Tree
Maya performing at Humming Tree

This is a second edition of the New Years’ party that takes place every year in Humming Tree. The first edition of the event received a very positive feedback from people and had an impressive turnout of approximately 600 people.

LGBT friendly places in India
Humming Tree- Burlesque Night hosted by Maya and Sexu Lexi Drag queens
Humming Tree- Burlesque Night hosted by Maya and Sexu Lexi Drag queens
Humming Tree- Burlesque Night hosted by Maya and Sexu Lexi Drag queens
Humming Tree- The Lime Diaries hosted recently to celebrate Pride Month in Bangalore

With such positive feedbacks to LGBT friendly events, one fails to comprehend why must commercial places still continue this intolerance. Isn’t ideal image building and profit making harmoniously the ultimate goal of any such establishment?

Written By Niharika Gaur

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