How To: Masturbation For Men

How To: Masturbation For Men

We’ve already discussed the myths and side effects of masturbation. If you haven’t read them click here.

That being dealt with, we want you to make sure you have a good time pleasuring yourself.  We have compiled a list of things to keep in mind when you want to get off solo.

Keep in mind to always engage in safe masturbation. Make sure you aren’t harsh or aggressive as this can cause slight rashes that may lead to discomfort for a couple of days.

Also know, that if you do not engage in masturbation or only engage in a few of these points, it’s completely alright. As long as you are happy with yourself and your actions. To:Masturbation For Men
Masturbation is absolutely healthy! Image Courtesy: ONSIZZLE

How to get started:


Set the mood right. Most men tend to overlook this, usually just going straight for the kill sitting in bed watching a porn video. Get classy once in a while. Make sure your mind is taken off of work, studies or whatever else there may be. Light some candles, get some fragrance in the room, play some music that you would love to get off to.  Trust us when we say this, engaging in some fancy masturbation can be extremely satisfying, pamper yourself once in a while. Try getting off in a bathtub with a nice bath bomb maybe.

Lube up!:

It’s soo important to have some lube at hand. While your body does create its liquidy lube, it’s always safer to use some while you start up. Plus, lube is known for increasing pleasure. The last thing you’d want while getting it on is for some unwarranted friction to cause some really bad rashes. Coconut oil, aloe vera, petroleum jelly, heck, even your saliva, are amazing lubes for your body.


We often don’t voice out our opinions on sex. While we’re alone and stimulating, we can bring to life our deepest fantasies. Plus, your fantasies are your own, allowing you to bend them to stimulate you in the exact places you know you love to be. Enjoy your greatest and most sensuously sexy fantasies while you get off.


Men often think that their dick is the only place that they can get off, that is completely untrue. Use the other erogenous parts of your body like your balls, your belly button, nipples, chest, anus, ears, neck and the sides of your body. Touch yourself, discover new sexual spots. Try ice cubes and fruits or chocolates on you and just get messy with it. Furthermore, men can enjoy sex toys too, we’ll list more down below on that. To:Masturbation For Men
Do not hesitate when it comes to your own body! Make it and yourself happy.


Some techniques that you’d maybe like to try:

Perineum and the Anus:

It’s the area between your penis and your anus. It has a multitude of nerve endings, engaging it with a vibrator can make you feel exceptionally well.  Try some anal action while you’re at it. Regardless of your gender, your anus is filled with nerve endings. Try spicing things up by using anal beads or an anal vibrator while you get down to business.

Change up your speed and grip:

If you hold your penis too tight and move your hands too fast, there’s a chance that you won’t enjoy sex. It’s not possible for these rough and tight feelings to be brought out by your sex partner. Instead, change up your grips and speeds, even if it means it takes you longer to get to your climax. With time, this will help your body get used to ejaculating in different ways, and of course, that makes sex so much better!

Try edging:

Edging, also known as the start-stop method is the act of stopping yourself just before you ejaculate. Work yourself up to an erection and get as close as you can to your climax, then stop. Take a short break. Just enough for your penis to soften just a little bit. After that, get back to it.

Do this a couple of times until you finally orgasm. It’s going to be exceptionally Earth-shattering.

Try a couple of new tricks:

Like the hand screw for example. While standing upright, twist your hand, whichever may be dominant or more comfortable, such that your thumb is against your belly button. Wrap your hand around your penis. Now, instead of moving your hand, move your hips to pump in and out of your wrapped hand.

Another thing you could try is to place your hand over your scrotum and lightly squeeze. You should do this just about before you’re about to ejaculate. Pulling it down is also great, maybe more aggressively if you’re into that. You should have an intense orgasm, maybe you may feel your semen going up and out of you. To:Masturbation For Men
Well, there are different reasons why men and women pleasure themselves! See for yourself!
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Keep these things in mind next time you masturbate, we hope you have the best orgasms!

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