If Only One Could Turn Back Time

If Only One Could Turn Back Time

Watch LGBT elders read letters to their younger selves.


Being LGBT 40, 50 or 60 years ago was akin to a crime. You were marginalised to say the least. Verbal slurs, insults and public hazing by friends, family and colleagues were considered routine. You could even be disowned by family, imprisoned, fired or worst of all be driven to end your life. Sadly some countries including India continue to criminalise and penalise homosexuality even to this day and age.

But some brave souls chose to stick it out and fight the discrimination no matter what the cost. It is thanks to their persistent efforts, defiance to conform and will to continue despite all odds that today’s generations face a more open, legally accepting and culturally diverse society. What if these elders could turn back the clock and sit and advise their 18-year-old selves? What would they say to the ‘Younger Me’? Would they still advise coming out in the open or would they choose caution over bravado?

This social experiment involving LGBT elders is super interesting. Davey Wavey teamed up with the LGBT Community Center of the Desert in Palm Springs, CA to film gay elders reading letters to their younger selves. The result is yet another reminder of how much today’s younger generation of queer folk stand to gain from heeding the advice of its older generation.

Listen in on some of these letters that have beautiful, heartfelt, teary, humorous and PRIDE filled insights on each individual’s journey from then to now. They have tears in their eyes, smiles on their lips and hope in their hearts for a better, more equal and more inclusive world. Watch as they relive those bittersweet years and emerge brighter, smiling and ever hopeful; grateful for the privilege of having emerged victorious despite their multiple struggles and tribulations.

Written by:- Delshad Master 

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