Impossible Whopper gives You Man Boobs?

Impossible Whopper gives You Man Boobs?

Burger King’s new plant-based Impossible Whooper has caught a lot of attention this new year. A recent post for the Tri-State Livestock News says that the meatless burger makes men grow breasts because of the level of estrogen it contains.

The rumor has caused a historical outbreak on twitter. As well as many other social media handles. How true can this be? There isn’t any strong scientific research that can back up the rumors. But there are many posts related to the story.

Impossible Whopper makes a unique mark.

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The plant-based burger was introduced in the summer. As demand for no meat burgers increased, the idea for a soy-based patty came up. Burger King decided to introduce the Impossible Whooper. In partnership with a Silicon Valley startup Impossible Foods, the meatless burger was formed. They decided to launch the burger in 59 stores across St Louise. What’s exciting to know is that the patty comes not from cows but a lab.

So what does this burger contain? And why has it become a topic of conversation? Well, according to the report for the Tri-State Livestock News the burger contains so much estrogen that it could grow breasts on men if they chow down on too many sandwiches.

“An Impossible Whopper has 18 million times as much estrogen as a regular Whopper.”

The main ingredient in the burger is soy. And it is rumored that large amounts of soy contain levels of estrogen that causes breast enlargement in men. It was also said that 12 glasses of soy milk a day have enough estrogen to grow boobs in males. That is equivalent to the about 4 Impossible Whopper burgers. The meatless Whopper contains 44 milligrams of estrogen as compared to that of 2.5 nanograms in the beef Whopper.

Although there is no scientific evidence that shows that estrogen causes breast enlargement in men.

A wave of tweets and comments have crowded the media.

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Ever since the burger was launched it has been creating news. The burger was made for vegetarians who could have something that tastes like meat but is not really meat. The Impossible Whopper was just that. Burger King made it a point to have the burger feel and taste just like beef. But does not come from the cow.

This Whopper caused an outburst for its taste at first. Consumers loved the idea of having to eat something without killing animals. Moreover, it tastes as delicious as the beef Whopper. The recent reports that said the burger can enlarge breasts took to attract more attention.

There has been a wave of tweets and comments that had overcrowded the media. While some are astonished by the news the others straight out deny that science behind it.

“Since male transgender patients take estrogens to stimulate breast growth, it has been assumed that soy might have the same effect,” Men’s Journal reports, “This appears to be a myth, or at least is not supported in the medical literature.”

New York University nutrition professor Marion Nestle stated that Asians have been eating soy products for ages and that has not particularly caused any problems. They have the longest lifespan and follow a healthy diet.

There is a special concern about . . . men and boys who eat soy products, but again, if you look at populations that eat a lot of soy products, there is no evidence of particular problems. No, they don’t grow breasts.

Let’s have a look at some of these comments.

There have been some transphobic comments as well related to the issue.

While some that have a humorous take on the news.

So men, you can eat all the impossible burgers that you want and you won’t grow breasts at all. I mean… you might gain weight, if you eat enough, but no breasts. I promise. It’s kinda fun to watch some people freak out about this, though.

Some have a nutritious take as well.

I’m pretty sure it’s soda big gulps and super-sized orders of fries that are causing men to grow breasts, not impossible burgers,”

If the rumors were true transgenders would not have any issues in the transformation process. It would save them a lot of time and money in going through conversion surgeries. But let us not bank on fast food chains just yet. Their idea is to sell and make a profit. And they will do what it takes to reach their targets. Fast food is not the solution to all problems no matter how delicious it is.

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