Sick Of Swiping On Fake Selfies? This Indian LGBT Dating App Is Changing The Game

Sick Of Swiping On Fake Selfies? This Indian LGBT Dating App Is Changing The Game

Take a pause and think about the last time you tried to hook up with someone on a dating app. We’ve all been there, right? That idealistic hopefulness that this time… maybe this time… you’ll find a profile which clicks.

Yes, it might be a tough nut to crack. Sifting through the mountains of fake profiles, made by someone with less-than-desirable Photoshop skills. Wading into the piles of poorly disguised escort ad profiles. Becoming an amateur super sleuth to discover finally, in fact, that lo and behold the profile in the palm of your hand does not belong to John Abraham.   

For guys, girls, and everything in between, these days we all know it can be tough to find genuine, interesting profiles on a dating app.

With Delta, dating is done differently. As India’s only home-grown LGBT dating app, Delta is the Indian LGBT community’s one stop shop to finding authentic profiles.

Here’s our handy guide to some of our favourite features of Delta app:

By the Community, for the Community

Over half of the team at Delta app identify as queer, and have experienced first-hand the trials and tribulations of the online dating scene in India.  Delta was conceived to address the challenges of online dating in the Indian context, and has a host of unique features to simplify and streamline your search for romance.

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Meet Like Minded People Only

Online dating, especially for the LGBT community including people who identify as non-binary, can be challenging. You have to wade through hundreds of filtered pictures of strangers, or struggle to stand out in crowded chat rooms. Then you have to make awkward small talk to see if you have any common interests to talk about. Well, with Delta app you don’t have to go through this tedious process. What makes Delta app different is that its algorithm is centered entirely on meeting like-minded people, which is purely based on  compatibility!

Delta’s Verification Process That Lets You Know A Particular Profile Is A Real Deal

Delta verifies each profile that comes in which means fake profiles, unsolicited nudity and general lack of traceability is minimised. “Yes, it means I start my day with at least 30 penis pictures, about a dozen cis-men pretending to be trans women  just to exist on the app. Yes, that does leave a wrinkle on my nose but it goes away when I realise that I’ve gone through these profiles, filtered them and everyday, I make Delta a safer place for the Indian queer community to just be themselves. So it is absolutely worth it.” Says Dipalie, the Marketing manager at Delta who is a queer woman herself and personally whets as many profiles as she can before attacking her daily to do list. Moreover, it provides different ways through which you can find your perfect match. You can either directly Connect with an individual or use the Community feature. The Community feature will allow a user to join group chats and see who they hit it off with. Delta also gives you an access of a Network which shows safe spaces and all LGBTQ events across India where you can get exciting offers as well as meet someone new.

Privacy Is Their Priority

Due to the high percentage of closeted LGBT users in the country, Delta app also has an option to hide their personal details and share the same only if and when they are comfortable with their match. Moreover, trust scores determine how you use the app, how many sparks you get, and how verified a profile is. Delta also leverages location based data, which comes as an added benefit to people identifying as LGBT. The app even has plans to connect users with LGBT-friendly therapists, legal aid, and even online support in the near future using community group chats and Network partners.

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Free Access & Other Benefits

The best part about Delta app is that all the users get all of these services absolutely free! Apart from this, Delta has over 100 brands across India, ranging from cafes to hotels, restaurant, bars, etc where you can receive exclusive offers as Delta users.

FSOG_Deltaapp/FSOGPicks“The goal is to unite the Indian Queer community on a digital platform. We want to be a safe space for people from all corners of India. A place where the threats of blackmails (yes, that’s a real threat), extortion and prostitution are either eliminated or limited to the most minimum. Delta is slowly becoming a way for queer youth to find love, support and companionship without the looming fear of being ‘outed’ or discriminated against.”- Ishaan Sethi, Co-founder of Delta App.

It is amazing to see an Indian LGBT Dating app creating inclusive and supportive platforms for everyone! So if you’re looking to meet a new friend or find the perfect partner, download Delta app by clicking here.

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