Indian LGBTQ+ Influencers: Make India Better!

Indian LGBTQ+ Influencers: Make India Better!

Indians belonging to the LGBT+ community face discriminations, inequality, suppression and everything regressive. Few cases get filed and several go unreported due to society’s indifference towards the community.

Activists, writers, poets, influencers, celebrities and liberals have stood beside the causes, trying all possibilities to change the views of the general public in India.

After a long battle, the supreme court took the decision to decriminalize Article 377 from the Indian Penal Code. While there was mighty a celebration, there is still an immensely long way to go for the harmony of all people.

People are voicing opinions, writing and expressing what they feel is right. Here are some very notable personalities that you should follow:

Durga Gawde Studio:

25-year-old Durga is an educator, performance artist & TEDx speaker. They recognise as gender fluid individuals who can feel being a man and even a woman together. He/she are not the appropriate pronouns. Rather. Durga prefers to use them, their, they while referring to them.

They have 12.4k followers on their Instagram account and flaunt their best looks on it. Furthermore,  they talk about social issues and the many atrocities towards the Queer community are primary on their account.
They wear a rainbow every single day to preach love & humanity. Durga says rainbow symbolizes pride and they wear it to feel proud & powerful, thereby accepting their truths unapologetically.

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Priyanka Paul:

She goes with the Instagram name Artwhoring, which signifies Dignity in labour.

Her account illustrates some crazy, funky and idiosyncratic art pieces depicting women power, body positivity and mental health, amongst a multitude of other topics. Her account is everything you would love about queer and showcases creativity in its best form.

Priyanka has received global fame due to her artwork and owns an online store where she sells unique merchandise. Her artworks have in the feature The Fader, Femina, The Huffington Post, Shethepeople, Buzzfeed and India today.

Alok Vaid Menon:

They identify themselves as Transfeminine and is known for normalising discussions on violence against gender non-conforming people of colour.

“I had to learn to perform “boy” so that people wouldn’t harass me” recalls. Vaid wrote poems when they were a teenager, and this helped them vent out pain, agony and trauma instilled by the society. They are a gender non-conforming performance artist and writer.

Vaid runs an Instagram page with 225k followers. Furthermore, they have a website dedicated to the art, writing, blogs, opinions for the LGBT+ community.

Also, they have been in feature in many leading channels like HBO, MTV, BBC, CNN & New York Times, they have shown their support and opinions on 500 venues in 40 different countries.

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support queer/trans working performance artists all year, not just pride! i interviewed my favorite drag queen @_humzer for @them ! click the link in my bio to read more + please follow them + go to their shows !!! “It feels wrong to call Manghoe the drag “persona” of Humza Mian in the same way that it feels wrong to say that she is living a double life, as one recent headline did. Mian is a registered veterinary technician by day and drag queen by night. The Western imagination fails us at in-betweens because it remains defined by polarity, not poetry. Manghoe’s poetry is about compatibility where we have been taught contradiction. Performance is not a lack of authenticity, it is the closest thing we have to it. But being a drag queen is not just some night gig; it’s a lifestyle all its own. We can want to be visible some places and discrete elsewhere. This is not about being closeted, it’s about being strategic. Artists like Manghoe realize there’s no such thing as contradictions. Contradictions invite another way of imagining the world. And in that imagining you find yourself in a new world all together. This is Manghoe’s world, where queerness-Islam-gender-nonconformity-beards-blunts-here-there are all connected, the hyphens act more as an invitation for audience applause than distance.” 📸 @hamzahamin

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Alex Matthew:

One of India’s rare talent, Matthew goes by the name “Maya the Drag queen” and performs to express. The 30-year-old artist identifies self as Queer and created the character “Mayamma” who is relatable with a background story which inspires the listeners

One of India’s rare talent, Matthew goes by the name “Maya the Drag Queen” and performs to express. The 30-year-old artist identifies themselves as queer and creates the character “Mayamma”. Mayamma is relatable with a background story that aims to inspire listeners. Mayamma which also means “mother of illusion” or “mother of magic” as in the performance of their drag art.

Matthew, also, has continuously put efforts in making people understand that drag performance is the art which is separate from the gender or community the performer belongs.

Gaylaxy Magazine:

This magazine came to existence in 2010 by Sukhdeep Singh, a gay rights activist in India.

The Gaylaxy Magazine releases regular articles to bash the misconceptions that are so deeply in root within the Indian culture. It has continuously given out messages in support of same-sex relationships and equal rights to the LGBTQ+ group. The magazine has grown multitudes in their social media sites and the content that they create.

Furthermore, are constantly up to date with the news and information making them one of the many revolutionary Instagram influencers.

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Bhutan is not a bad place to be a LGBTI person. With increased advocacy both by the community and the allies, acceptance is increasing. A lot has changed in terms of peoples’ perception towards the community and acceptance is evolving. The community utilizes various platforms such as television, radio, print media, social media to create visibility with a mission of ending ignorance, stereotypes and increasing the understanding and acceptance towards the community.  As of now 5 transgender women have legally changed their gender marking as female on all official documents and other identifications without having to undergo sex reassignment surgery. The Sections 213 & 214 under the Penal Code of Bhutan directly does not criminalize homosexuality but it criminalizes consensual same-sex activity. The interpretation of the section is vague leaving the community confused until now. The section 213 of the 2004 Penal Code of Bhutan states, “A defendant shall be guilty of offence of unnatural sex, if the defendant engages in sodomy or any other sexual conduct that is against the order of the nature.” Section 214 states, “The offence of unnatural sex shall be pretty misdemeanor.” The law was there from 2004 when the Penal Code was drafted and adopted into law but the community has never been legally persecuted under this section. Over the years, the section has always been a threat and a reason for fear within the community. The law enforcing agency, Royal Bhutan Police, has also been very supportive towards the community. Read how Bhutan is on its way to decriminalise homosexuality by clicking on link in bio #gaylaxymag #pridemonth #pride2019 #bhutan #gay #transgender #bisexual #intersex #queer #followforlgbtqupdates #homosexuality #lgbtq #follow #followback #gayBhutanese #lesbian #rainbowBhutan #rainbowlove #rainbow

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