Indian LGBTQ+ YouTube Videos That Are Queerly Wholesome

Indian LGBTQ+ YouTube Videos That Are Queerly Wholesome

We often have breaks that are too small to enjoy, but too precious to not. And that is why we love looking at Instagram videos, Facebook stories, and more! But YouTube is not too far away. This serves as the perfect option when you want to make your 15 minutes feel longer. Horror, love, or funny, YouTube videos have always managed to capture it all. This is why when Section 377 was struck down, we saw a surge of LGBTQ+ videos that discussed all issues related to the LGBTQ+ community.

Having said that, most of them still discuss the harsh realities and dealing with judgemental society. Be that as it may, we have a fair share of LGBTQ+ videos that capture the different constituents which make the country what it is.

Gays VS Gharwale

Seemingly predictable, this video is a hilarious take on the rules and restrictions imposed by our parents that we carefully tread each day. As the name suggests the video is about homosexuals in India. And how parents/people at home aka Gharwale and the gays hold different ends of the rope and tug each other to their side of things. It is not satirical or sarcastic, it is just sheer comedy that will entertain you throughout the day.

Lesbian Love Song

Are you ready for some cheesy love? This video shows how does Lesbian romance shines in Bollywood light. And it is pure couple goals. Gay or not, love is love. This beautiful Hindi song that shows an adorable lesbian couple in all their glory backed up with a love oozing serenade. I am not just saying this because I love Bollywood music. The lyrics of the song are simple, and the video is magical, but it gives the hope one needs to believe in love in all its forms.

Yes, the women are really pretty, and yes this is a lot more unrealistic goals set out for us. But we all need to be inspired and allowed to dream. Don’t miss out on it. Mushy or not, here it is!

Types Of Moms

This video by iDiva is one of the most-watched ones. We have always loved Kusha Kapila in all of her avatars, and Dolly Singh as Raju Ki Mummy. And these moms are what we wish every mother is! Moms can play a pivotal role in extending support to LGBTQ+ children. It doesn’t matter how old the child is, they always tend to need acceptance from their mothers. In India, receiving support is truly difficult and the stigma still runs strong. That is why this perspective of iDiva works absolute wonders on the viewers!


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Love Is Love

You can skip right to end the of this video. But then you will miss out on the hype to the moment. This video by Girliyapa starts with a funny incident and ends on the most Indian aww moment you can imagine. Reflecting on the relationship between parents, siblings, and those secretive stories from school, the video is just too nice to pass-up on.

Things Queer People are Tired of Hearing

This video from Buzzfeed is a perfect drinking game if you ever want to get really really drunk. Take a shot every time you’ve heard it too, and by the end of the video, you are sure to be drunk. For those who are teetotallers, play bingo. And if you are work and can do neither, just sit back and enjoy.

Growing up gay in India and learning to be confident

Yes, yes. A Ted Talk. Something that will inspire you and probably even help you find solutions and answers to your own crisis and questions. Anwesh Sahoo, Mr Gay India, 2016 came out to his parents in 2012 with the help of his sister. He shared his journey with the world as a gay boy growing up to be a gay man in the city of Delhi, India. It’s funny, real, honest, and is sure to move you. So if you’re looking for something warm and motivational, this is what you should be watching.

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A Brief History of All Things LGBTQIA in India

This is something you should share everywhere and with everyone. This quick video will help you understand everything that shaped LGBTQ+ in India. It will also help you throw facts at all the homophobes, transphobes, and anyone who is anti-pride. The video sounds a bit like a rap, but honestly, it’s much better than long, sorry narrative. Straight to the point with little jokes sprinkled all over it, the video is one of the best out there!


There’s clearly so much for us to work towards. There are so many things that we haven’t discussed. The progress is slow, and we are trying to get there. So show us some love and support and help us do better each day.


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