Indian Supreme Court Sets July Deadline To Outlaw Section 377

Indian Supreme Court Sets July Deadline To Outlaw Section 377

Section 377 has been an ongoing struggle, the LGBTQIA+ community along with straight allies have been fighting long and hard against the discrimination of basic human right.

The Supreme Court today asked the Indian government to explain its stand on consensual sexual relations between same sex adults. The government has time till July to return with an answer.

In its ongoing deliberations over whether to repeal Section 377


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In effect, the Supreme Court is now forcing the government to make a decision on the issue. It’s something legislative members have previously appeared to prevaricate over.

LGBTI advocates have declared the ultimatum a ‘watershed’ moment in the ongoing campaign to legalize homosexuality in the country.


Ashok Row Kavi, chairperson of Humsafar Trust, a charity that works with India’s LGBT community, told Thomson Reuters Foundation today’s demand was ‘a watershed in the whole fight against Section 377.

‘The government will have to decide whether this colonial law should still stand relevant in a country that has its own constitution that protects fundamental rights of its citizens.’

This issue has gone back and forth without much conclusion, hopefully by July the Indian government will come to a conclusive decision about Section 377 and if basic human rights are served.

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