India’s New Gay Anthem: Love Is Love!

India’s New Gay Anthem: Love Is Love!

It’s been around 10 months since the Supreme Court of India decriminalized Section 377 and we’re still partying over it. It truly screams how much we need change for our community. 

We hope to have a safer Indian society, and we are a couple of steps closer every day.  Love is love and Indians are free to love whoever they want. The United Nations shares how they hope this is the first step for full fundamental rights to its LGBTQ+ citizens. 

With a multitude of Pride Parade’s occurring this year, we need an official beat to take our groovy moves and pride fill hearts to the streets.

So, drumroll, please!.

India is getting its first ever Pride Anthem! And wouldn’t you say, about time?'s New Gay Anthem: Love Is Love!
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Love is Love:

For the past year, we witness Petter Wallenberg, a Swedish artist, musician and the founder of LGBTQ+ NGO ‘ Rainbow Riots’. He has been in Mumbai working on a musical advocacy project. He is collaborating with singers, artists and dancers from the Indian LGBTQ+ community. 

The new album’s single “Love Is Love” is India’s newest Pride Anthem. The song speaks about love triumphing all around us. 

Furthermore, the angelic voice behind the song is all too familiar to us. Former Mr Gay India and Big Boss participant Sushant Divgikar! Sushant, with his extremely gender fluid voice, is the perfect sound for the message that this anthem aims to spread. Sushant is also known for being Rani Ko-He-Nur, a drag queen.'s New Gay Anthem: Love Is Love!
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Petter speaks about the song:

“This is the first time an international artist like me features Indian singers from the LGBTQ community. I have created ”Rainbow Riots”, an organisation where I create artistic collaborations to advocate for equality for LGBTQ people around the world, especially in places where it’s illegal to be gay, and I decided it would be interesting to try doing something in India.” says Petter to Mashable. 

“We as LGBTQ people have always used creativity and culture to fight against hardship. We fight hatred with beauty. Music and creativity are extremely powerful weapons because they change the most important thing – people’s minds” he continues.  

He explains how he wrote the song “Love is Love” as a way to celebrate the new freedom for LGBTQ+ people in India. The message in the song is crystal clear – all humans have the right to love!

The video, Petter explains, is like a short film. “It shows my journey from when I started this project, in 2017, when same-sex relations were still illegal. It shows me and Sushant meeting and working on the track.”

“The video then concludes as this law is abolished, and freedom is in celebration at India’s first legal Pride March in Mumbai. It was in February 2019.”

One of the things worth watching for in the music video, apart from Sushant’s incredible vocals, is the transgender dance group Dancing Queen’s moves!

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