Is It Just A Crush Or Is It Love?

Is It Just A Crush Or Is It Love?

We think any teenager will tell you the right difference when it comes to crush vs love. They will be so clueless. A person in their early twenties will not be in a position to understand the difference. They usually confuse their feelings and realize this mistake much, much later.  Obviously after many emotional roller coaster such as heart breaks, a person can differentiate between a crush and love. But no one can give us the right explanation, the correct answer which is backed by stats (lol) for this question.

This is because everyone experience different things. For some, it’s a crush to love process and for some it’s friends to love. Some crushes are purely based on societal norms and some develop because of a genuine connection. Many think crushes fade and blindly ignore the real feelings that they developed. Most people realize this mistake at a time when nothing can be about it.

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