Is Lesbian Sex Better than Heterosexual Sex?

Is Lesbian Sex Better than Heterosexual Sex?

There are quite a few myths about Lesbian sex. But the biggest one of all is that it is dissatisfactory. The Instagram page “sluttygrlprobs” revealed that according to data collected by Pleasure tech startup, Lora Dicarlo, it is definitely false.

Survey and Survey 2

The survey about “female sexual pleasure” was conducted on 1500 people and the results were pretty unexpected. Among them, 73% of LGBTQ+ females have orgasms while only 66% of heterosexual women experience it.

The general assumption of what makes it better is the anatomical knowledge. The research also showed that body confidence is an equally important characteristic of people who have more frequent orgasms. But that is not all. There are many other things that actually prove that lesbian sex is better than heterosexual sex.

We have been trained to believe that there is only one way to have sex. No, not talking about positions. We are taught about the birds and the bees since high school. Saying sex needs a penis and a vagina is an untrue statement. And we all know this by now. Hopefully. Picks/Is Lesbian Sex Better than Heterosexual Sex?
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Lesbian sex has always been skeptically understood by everyone who is not a lesbian. Simply because there is no “natural” penetration.

The Guardian also highlighted a survey held by Public Health England. The survey stated that half among the  7,000 respondents between the ages of 25-34 did not enjoy their sex life. The percentage dropped to a staggering 29% among 55-64-year-olds.


What makes lesbian sex better?

A lot of things. Ask any lesbian what makes lesbian sex so fun and they will belt out a list with no pauses. Male and female anatomically work differently. These differences can amplify or reduce depending on who you are with. But familiarity does play a role in how easily you bond with one another. Speaking only on the basis of body, it is easier for women to grasp what excites and turns off their partners even because of how they themselves work. Here are a few more things to understand better.

Multiple Orgasms for both

Women can have multiple orgasms. So it’s just twice the fun with two women in the frame. Unlike men who have to take breaks between every session and are usually done in one go, women can go on. And reportedly, for days. Since women understand their own bodies pretty well, making their partner orgasm is not too far away.


Tall guys, short women, be honest. The sex is hard. Short men and tall women are not “socially” accepted either. But homosexuals don’t have to deal with the social norms.

Usually, women date women who more or less match their stature. This makes everything more proportionate. Positions during sex, cuddling, or simply sharing a wardrobe, proportionality increases intimacy and proximity between the partners.


No slut-shaming

Slut-shaming is a common unnecessary practice that women are subjected to in heterosexual relationships. In a lesbian relationship, there are no two ways about it. How women look at women in a romantic relationship transcends the slut-shaming culture. So there is no pressure or expectations involved in the process. Sex with or without commitment is accepted respectfully.

Strap Ons: Always hard, definitely fit you perfectly

Focusing on the essentials. Well, admittedly, many people have sex when they are drunk to heighten the sensations. And men who are drunk can barely hold form. Strap ons work well for lesbians and they can take turns pleasing each other. Add this to multiple orgasms and you’ve got a wet party going on!

And you will always find the perfect size, not too big, not too small and always erect. Many heterosexual women feel pain during insertion. And lesbian women can opt-out of this thanks to strap ons. Not that strap ons are the only way for lesbians to have sex. But that’s a whole other can of kinky worms.

Foreplay and excitement about naked women

Naked women. Men. Excitement guaranteed. Most men get excited very quickly which rarely allows for sufficient foreplay. They are eager about two things. To get down to the act itself, and secondly, to make sure they don’t go soft. Lesbian women don’t have to deal with the hassle. Foreplay is an important part of sex and men often underestimated it. And also, there’s so much more than women can do with each other outside of sex itself.

If you have watched the TV show Friends, you know women have seven erogenous places. And many women take pleasure in watching their partner excited and vulnerable. Do I really need to go on?


There you go folks! Here’s hoping that all of your myths about lesbian sex are a burst and your heterosexual relationships can learn from lesbian relationships. Also, let us know what you want us to unravel next and we will try our best! And don’t forget to tell us what you thought of this peace.

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