Is The Son Of Brunei’s Sultan Gay?

Is The Son Of Brunei’s Sultan Gay?

Prince Abdul Azim, 36, is well known in celebrity circles for his ostentatious parties. He is often been spotted spending time with LGBTQ public figures such as Caitlyn Jenner and Gus Kenworthy. He is said to be the fourth in line to the throne.

Blogger, Perez Hilton has apparently ‘outed’ the Sultan of Brunei’s son as gay after the kingdom enacted brutal laws to execute people for homosexuality.


“Y’all know I don’t out people anymore,” Perez said in a video. “I used to do that back in the day but I’m making an exception here. I’m guessing the Sultan of Brunei doesn’t know that his son, Prince Azim, is a big old homo. I would know because I have spent time with Prince Azim.”

Sharia law or a way to clean own reputation?

Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah of Brunei made a rare public address to the nation last week, saying according to CGTN and CNN: “Touching on the attainment of blessings from Allah, I want to see Islamic teachings in this country grow stronger and more visible in the country.”

Matthew Woolfe, the founder of the human rights organization The Brunei Project, told CNN: “The sultan is getting on in years now, and his family hasn’t always had the cleanest of reputations.”

“Certainly, there are a lot of people talking about the hypocrisy of laws that the sultan and his government are implementing when his family, in the past, could have been seen as being in violation of these laws with some of their antics,” said Woolfe.

“Some people see it as a way of cleaning up and perhaps creating his legacy.”

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Claims of Perez Hilton

Perez Hilton was slammed for outing the Sultan of Brunei’s son Prince Azim as a gay person. In the wake of the country introducing a severe form of Sharia law. Under which homosexuality and adultery would be punishable by death. Hilton was slammed across social media and among LGBTQ community. It is because endangering the life of Prince Azim, who is fourth in line to Brunei’s throne.

Undeterred by the backlash, Hilton reiterated the claims in a YouTube video he shared on Monday.

In the video, Hilton can be heard saying, “First and foremost, the Prince of Brunei who is the fourth in line to the throne will not be murdered. He will not be stoned to death.”


“I know the new law, do you? Before attacking me, read what the new law says. The new law says that it is not illegal to be gay in Brunei, it is illegal to have gay sex and the burden of proof is heavy meaning, in order for you to be stoned to death, you need to be convicted. To be convicted, there have to be four witnesses that saw this gay act. It is more of a symbolic gesture,” he continued.

Many social media users were absolutely outraged at Hilton’s comments. One wrote, “Why would you do that knowing what is he doing? You just caused death because you want to be relevant. Shut up and think first.”


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