It’s A Gay Bar, Pamela! is Everyone’s new Favorite Thing

It’s A Gay Bar, Pamela! is Everyone’s new Favorite Thing

Have you seen the merch yet? Have you seen all of the memes? Some people can prove to be such a waste of space, while some become the biggest sources of never-ending memes. Trump and his supporters have supported our meme game for a while now. And this one is Smack-dab of the same wheel-house. But like always, we love being entertained.

After Covfefe, “It’s a Gay Bar, Pamela”, could be our next favorite thing! But how did it all happen? What gave rise to this beautiful phrase, and what initiated this?


Here’s the Sitch

In Minneapolis, Minnesota, a Gay Clubnight, Saloon decided to fly a “Trump baby” balloon from its rooftop. This was right ahead of a Trump rally in the city which was made big news in the papers, and the media.

For those who don’t know the “Trump baby” balloon is a six-meter tall inflated balloon of Trump as a baby. Trump’s head, baby’s body. This balloon from the “far-right” floats during or before Trump’s state visits. It is a symbol against the American President, Donald Trump.

Coming back to the story, the gay club flew this orange balloon, and Kare11 posted it on their site.  The anti-Trump protest in Minnesota was also covered by different news channels. And importantly it went up on Facebook. This attracted many middle-aged Trump supporters to voice out their right-winged beliefs. They also decided to boycott the club.

Who is Pamela Ogletree?

Okay, this is probably the part you would just scroll through, but you will miss out on Ogletree’s rise to fame. Pamela Ogletree is a Minnesota Resident and a strong supporter of Trump. When she saw the post, she probably saw it as a chance to prove her orientation. (This is a pun) She commented on the post.

“The Saloon lost my business”

And people took it upon themselves to put Pamela in her place.

One, Erica Brown asked her if she was a frequent visitor there, and Louise Blystone replied what became the trending line, “It’s a gay bar, Pamela”

Within the next 24 hours, people shared and tweeted this post enough for it to become a trending hashtag. People even began to make pins, and t-shirts that read “It’s a gay bar, Pamela”. The line has moved beyond a meme, and become a new favorite insult.

People have also said that it’s time to move over Karen and Janet. Pamela is the new “it” name we should all be using.

Pamela has obviously not responded to any of these comments, and neither has she taken actions on her comment on the post.

Best of the Lot

Here are a few top picks that will inspire you to make more memes, shirts, and pins!

A few of them have decided to also donate a partial amount of the earnings to pro-LGBT+ groups. Many people are genuinely worried about the future of the country. With the rise in attacks on the LGBTQ+ community, people have had to fear for their lives.

The rigid rules and the severe right-wing beliefs can be laughed off and made memes on. But it does not take away from the fact that there is still a chance of the community being discriminated against. Again.

The Trump administration and its supporters have constantly allowed for laws, petitions, and support that are against the LGBT+ community. To top it off, the recent election debates and campaigns have discussed the LGBT+ issues as one of the top perspectives that affect the citizens.

Diversity and inclusivity have never been a part of Trump’s campaign or agenda.

And yet a majority of the citizens in the country voted for him the last time, and many are afraid that history will repeat.

So how is that the supporters haven’t stopped taking his side? Transgender workers have been forced to retain their pre-transition name and wear the same clothes as before. American Family Association still promotes anti-LGBT+ ideas and the President has also taken a stance against same-sex marriages.

Ironically, during the 2016 elections, the American President did promote the LGBTQ+ community, spoke for the cause, and extended his appreciation for the same. He posted on a tweet,

“Let us also stand in solidarity with the many LGBT people who live in dozens of countries worldwide that punish, imprison, or even execute individuals on the basis of their sexual orientation. My Administration has launched a global campaign to decriminalize homosexuality and invite all nations to join us in this effort!”

And yet the LGBTQ+ community in America is still struggling for basic rights and facing violence. So one can only wonder how the people are to pick their President this time. Good luck America

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