“Wearing Jeans Leads To The Birth Of Trans Kids” | A Regressive State Of Mind

“Wearing Jeans Leads To The Birth Of Trans Kids” | A Regressive State Of Mind

“Yeah kids, it’s Jeans not GENES”

Its surprising that we live in 2018 and there are still people that are still stuck in a regressive state of mind. It seems the clothes a woman wears effects everything possible around her, right from being subjected to sexual assault to the sex of her child. Cause who need logic anyway?

When people are link the outcome of a child’s gender identity to the clothes the mother wears, is when you know you’ve lost the battle to common sense.

Dr Rajith Kumar, a lecturer at Sree Sankara College in Kerala, said that

“Women who wear jeans and other stereotypically male clothes will give birth to trans children and children born to parents who break gender stereotypes will have autism”


In a speech reportedly given in Kasaragod, Dr Kumar said he had a “scientific explanation for why transgender and autistic children are born.”

He presented the crowd with the concept of “a woman who dresses up like a man. What will be the character of the child this woman gives birth to?

“The name of these children is ‘transgender’ ”.

“Already, more than six lakh trans people have been born in Kerala,” he continued, according to the Deccan Chronicle.

Dr Kumar then proceeded to make a distinction between “good” children and trans children.

“Good children are born to those men and women who live their lives as men and women,” he said.

But, when a woman degrades her womanhood and a man degrades his manhood, the girl child born to the couple will have the character of a man.”

The child that she eventually gives birth to will be born transgender,” he added.

The professor, whose university bio indicates that he has a Master’s and PhD, continued: “The children born to rebel men and women have this new disease called autism.”

Pointing to a video of a couple whose children are autistic, he asked the audience: “Do you see that?

The mother is wearing jeans and both her children suffer from autism.”

Kerala’s minister of health and social welfare, K. K. Shailaja, responded with a statement which indicated that Dr Rajith has been banned from taking part in government programmes.

She continued: “Rajith Kumar has been consistently propagating superstitious and sexist ideas.

His controversial and misogynistic views on women had thankfully got him banned from all the social awareness programmes by the Kerala Government. (KUDOS)

This begs the question of ‘How do you educate the educators?’ When well learned individuals spread such misinformed notions about transgender people, advocate a highly misogynistic view points that constricts the growth of women, how are we supposed to move forward?

Does the answer lie in conducting work shops or simply dismissing them from their position? One thing is for sure though, that we can not stand still while these ignorant messages are being spread. There has to be some form of repercussion to begin with, if not, our fight for equality seems like it is never going to end.

By Shreyanka Thejaswi



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