Makeup Specifically For The Trans Community! Finally!!

Makeup Specifically For The Trans Community! Finally!!

Jecca overlooks gender and celebrates individuality. We’re not a brand that concentrates on just women,” said Jessica Blackler, the UK-based director and founder of make-up brand Jecca, in an interview to The Cut. For the past two months, Jecca has been capturing headlines globally, thanks to its make up products that solely focus on the transgender community.

For Blackler, who has been a supporter of the LGBT+ community, this decision wasn’t a difficult one. The idea occurred to her after she started receiving queries about make-up for transgender women. There being no dedicated make-up services for the transgender, Blacker decided to take it up to herself to develop products that cater to the needs of the community. Since then there has been no looking back.

“I had a really good response from members of the LGBT community and it evolved from there. Lots of my clients, have similar struggles, such as a beard shadow. They couldn’t cover it up with regular products. They also didn’t feel comfortable going into the store and getting a make-up lesson or asking for advice,” she told Ashley Weatherford of The Cut.

In early December last year, the brand released its first product which was warmly welcomed in the market. Named ‘Correct and Conceal’ palate, it is Jecca’s first and the only product in the market so-far. It is specifically for those looking to cover their beard shadows. While there are a lot of concealers already for blemishes or under eyes, this one, with a very thick formula, is specially for the beard shadow. “It’s taken me two years to get to this point,” shared the 21-year-old make-up artist.

According to WalesOnline Blackler frequently meets with LGBT+ charities, speaking with potential clients and building her reputation within the trans community to better understand the needs of her clients. Interestingly, Blackler is an ambassador for Stonewall, an LGBT charity to which Jecca passes on a donation through their profits.

While the brand is currently running on limited shades, Blackler has plans to expand its range by bringing out products of more color in the summer of this year. Besides that, there are plans to address solutions for contouring. “I want to create a safe space for clients to be themselves and relax in my company,” she told WalesOnline.

By – Suyash Karangutkar

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