A Journey of Love : The Danish Girl

A Journey of Love : The Danish Girl

The Danish Girl is a story of love that goes beyond gender. Be it with another or just by yourself, the movie makes for an interesting watch. Based on a true story, this movie portrays the pioneering journey of a transgender in an age that is unacceptable by society. The movie is inspired by a book written by David Ebershoff. Tom Hooper, who is the director of The Danish Girl makes a remarkable attempt at showing an incredible change from man to woman. With a cast that does not go unnoticed, The Danish Girl is one that should not be missed.

A love story of Einer and Greda Wegener

Set in a 1920 themed backdrop of Copenhagen, the capital city of Denmark. The Danish Girl opens showing a close marriage of two young individuals that are bound together by their passion for art. Einer Wegener, a landscape artist is married to painter, Greda Wegener that has an immense passion for painting portraits of women. A happy, friendly marriage is what captures the attention of the viewers at the very beginning. Journey of love : The Danish Girl
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As the movie advances, the journey starts to unravel. Greda begins to realize her art is getting monotonous. She begins to think of taking a new path. The day when her dancer backs out, Greda persuade Einer to try on her stocking and shoes so to replace her dancer. The scene advances with Einer subtly putting on her stalkings and shoes and realizing new feelings that she is experiencing. Einer played by Eddie Redmayne starts to get more inclined towards becoming Lili as he tries to experiment with this new role. The couple start to role play, as Greda also finds it new and amusing to paint her husband. What starts as a fun game turns into something more serious and dramatic.

The journey of change is hard.

The transformation of Einer to Lili is harsh for the couple as the movie continues. Lili starts to discover new things about herself. The decisions of her husband come as a shock to Greda. The movie shows subtle instances of the couples’ journey. Like when, Einer touches his wife’s lips as she applies makeup feels like a base for when Lili puts on make up for the first time. It is smalls details like this that catch your eye while watching a film. The drama starts when Greda learns of how serious Einer is about Lili. A scene when Greda confronts with Lili about the intimate scene she had with Hans is one where Lili starts to accept who she is and says that he had a moment where he was just Lili. Journey of love : The Danish Girl
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It gets harder at first for Greda to cope with her husband’s change. Also, it gets more difficult for Lili to go through with the change. Besides the differences between the couple, love remains strong between them. They start to accept each other as who they really are. This is well portrayed in the scene when Lili finally decides to change herself surgically and says he believes he is a woman and Greda agrees.

We’ve come a long way since 1920.

Director Tom Hooper shows a passionate story and subtly announces how society felt about transgender changes back in the years. When Lili consults with a doctor he is told that his condition is a chemical imbalance that can be cured by radiations. when they realize Lili is still within, the doctor calls it insanity. Even today being a transgender is not fully accepted by society. Transgenders face numerous problems today. It is how they fell about themselves and accept themselves for who they are, which makes a difference. Many other scenes in the movie show how unacceptable people are to the change. But the support that Greda has for her husband and the fondness Lili discovers for herself is what makes the movie pioneer story.

A creative take on transgender couples.

The director takes a lot of credits for the film. His detail to scenes, characters and story make for a pleasant watch. The Danish Girl is based on the true story of a transgender woman. The real Greda painted many portraits of Lili. And director Tom Hooper took inspiration from these paintings to paint his own version of their story in a beautiful way. Creating sets that look like they have come out of a painting is not as easy as it looks. Alicia Vikander beautifully brings life to the character of Greda Wegener. A supportive, loving wife that handheld his husband throughout her journey is well played by the actor. Eddie Redmayne plays Lili with the utmost grace and femininity. And a character that is not easy to portray, Eddie makes it look real and effortless throughout.

Great direction, good acting, inspiring story. Everything that a good movie has. The Danish Girl is a film you cannot miss out on.



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