Why Is June Pride Month? And How You Can Help

World over the month of June is celebrated as the commemorative PRIDE month where members of the LGBT+ community come together in large numbers to celebrate love, diversity, acceptance and most of all self-pride.


Why June?

There’s an interesting bit of trivia attached to this one; on 28 June 1969 in the wee hours of the morning, the New York City police conducted a raid over the Stonewall Inn primarily targeting the LGBT community. This became a tipping point for the pent-up frustrations of the community and resulted into the Stonewall riots (also referred to as the Stonewall uprising or the Stonewall rebellion) which were a series of spontaneous, violent demonstrations held by members of the LGBT community against the police raid.


Eventually more rioting and protests followed, that year. ‘Gay Activism’ as it was then called began to group into official organisations and also tried to create as many ‘gay welcoming’ places of business as possible where members of the community could meet and gather in peace without fear of persecution.


In 28 June 1970, the first ‘PRIDE’ march was held simultaneously in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Chicago. The idea caught on, the world over and now the entire month of June is dedicated to PRIDE and similar marches/parades/symposiums/ demonstrations etc are held in all major cities of the world. Memorial services are also held to remember members of the community that lost their lives to hate crimes and/or HIV/AIDS.

The PRIDE Flag

The ‘rainbow flag’ a moniker for the LGBT+ community flag was originally conceived and designed by Gilbert Baker, an American artist, gay rights activist and U.S. Army veteran at the behest of his friends and colleagues including Harvey Milk who was later assassinated that year, in 1978.

The flag comprises 6 colours each denoting a certain value: red stands for life, orange for healing, yellow for sunlight, green for nature, blue for harmony and violet for spirit.

Although the world lost Baker at the age of 65 on 31 March 2017, with the PRIDE flag, his beautiful creation he has left behind an iconic, powerful and universally recognised symbol which will forever continue to unite people in bonds of love, peace and equality.


How You Can Help The LGBTQIA Community 

  1. Donate to the LGBT NGO of your choice (If you wish to donate to FSOG, please write a mail to and we will contact you)
  2. Tell us ‘Why you are an Ally’ and share your story ( The more individuals share their stories and lend support, the LGBTQIA community will be visible and the stigma towards the community will gradually decrease
  3. BE A PART OF THE PRIDE PARADES, Pride is not only for the community but is for anyone and everyone to join the celebration to make their voices heard.

Written by Delshad Master

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