Should we just wrap up the Karamo-Spicer Affair?

Should we just wrap up the Karamo-Spicer Affair?

28 Season of Dancing with the Stars recently announced that Karamo Brown would be joining the cast. Karamo is one of the most appreciated LGBTQ+ icons of the times. He rose to popularity on Netflix’s Queer Eye. He is a black man, who is gay, and claims to be a supporter of LGBTQ+.

As soon as he agreed to participate in the show, the LGBTQ+ called him out for what they consider to be a betrayal to the community. But why? Dancing with the Stars is one of the most-watched shows and has seen participation from popular celebrities. So what is the big deal? Why is Karamo receiving a backlash? we just wrap up the Karamo Affair?

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The answer is Sean Spicer. Sean Spicer is a former White House Spokesman who is an ardent supporter of the anti-LGBT+ USA President, Donald Trump. News agencies all across the world have been covering Trump’s new anti-LGBT+ rules and policies that support discrimination against LGBTQ+. And a lot of Trump’s supporters are all for it! The recent developments have shaken the LGBTQ+ community since every policy alters how members of LGBTQ+ function. According to The Washington Post, the administration is even asking the Supreme Court to legalise anti-LGBTQ+ discrimination.

So, with all of this happening, one can see why Karamo’s decision received a big no-no from the community. But wait, there’s more to this.

Sean Spicer? A good guy.

The internet raised hell and gave Karamo a piece of their mind when Karamo said that he spoke to Sean, and thinks he is a good guy. This led to a series of tweets from many LGBTQ+ celebs who were asking Karamo to check himself. A tweet by Evan Ross Katz, a writer/editor for brands like Garage Magazine, Men’s Health, Refinery29, MTV, Teen Vogue, Playboy, and many others, said,

Here’s Karamo Brown calling Sean Spicer “a good guy; a really sweet guy” cause what’s morality, really?


Here’s the video of Karamo speaking about his meeting with Spicer.

Karamo tweeted back but soon deleted the tweet.  Eliel Cruz, the Director of Communications for New York City Anti-Violence Project caught his reply to Evan Ross Katz.


People began to call Karamo fascist and asked him to live what he preaches. Especially since the elections are due soon. Some followers also said that the LGBTQ+ has to unite and to call one of Trump’s supporters a “Good guy” or a “sweet guy” brings down the whole movement against the Trump Administration

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Karamo soon began to block the LGBT followers who were being critical about his opinion on Spicer. And eventually deleted his account on Twitter.

The Other Side

Although a lot of people are against Karamo at this point, some of them think it was a professional move and a civil thing to do. They called out the leftists for being petty in this scenario. In the video, Karamo understands what it means to be complimenting Spicer, and points it out in the end. He also explains that it is important to converse and reach a middle ground.

Karamo addressed the backlash and spoke up. He said “I understand how my comments could lead people to believe that I don’t understand the gravity of the situation. The personal is political. I’m reminded of it daily as a gay man of color. I know that representation matters—that it can affect change. I see you & I hear you.”

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Supporters of Karamo saw this as his effort to bridge the gaps between the two sides. He also said, “Only way things get better is if we try to educate those who have different POV than us.”

His good friend Bobby Berk reminded people that Karamo has no say in the Casting decisions, and the fact that ABC decided to make the entire thing political was shameful. He also said they decided to call Sean Spicer a star, since the show is Dancing with the stars, and then place political land-mines for the others. Karamo, like most others from Queer Eye, is trained to be nice in front of the camera and not talk smack, said Bobby.

What do we think?

The situation is tricky and as a personality developing therapist, Karamo’s qualities of listening to different perspectives and trying to hold a conversation with everyone, no matter which side is an important part of who he is. The political situation in the country, especially with the anti-LGBTQ+ laws and policies from the Trump administration demands the voices of LGBTQ+ resonate with each other. Professionally, Karamo was right, politically, maybe not so much. But accusing him of being a fascist and saying that he should not be complimenting Spicer is probably, a bit of a stretch. Dropping the whole affair would benefit both sides of the issue and not build unnecessary hatred among people.

Do you agree with us? Tell us what you think.

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