What Kind Of Guy Do You Attract?

What Kind Of Guy Do You Attract?

Tired of all the times a guy seemed to intrigue you in the beginning, but flat out bored you later? Confused as to what kind of guy you truly desire?

We’ve all been there. When initially, certain aspects of like smile, eyes, walking style etc, attracted you to a man. But the same qualities seemed to lose their charm, after a few dates. There is no excitement anymore. Your insides don’t even twitch, them turning into jelly is a far cry. That butterflies tickling your insides whenever you see the guy walk towards you – it’s a feeling that you wish to experience every time you meet this person. It is obviously true, if your insides don’t go gaga when you see your man then he’s definitely not the one.

Physical attraction aside, you all agree with me that a connection with this person is mandatory. Ofcourse, if someone fails to impress you with their brains, they are definitely not your forever. All this makes you wonder if you’ll ever find love at this rate.

Well, fear not, we have one of many, if not THE solution for your problem. Take this survey, and let us help you figure the kind of guys that suit perfectly with your personality. Have fun!

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