How Much Do You Know About The Orgasm?

How Much Do You Know About The Orgasm?

An orgasm is this feeling of intense pleasure which happens when someone indulges in sexual activity. In certain times called, it’s called coming or climaxing. Many people reach their orgasms. When you experience an orgasm, your heart beat might fasten, breathing might change and you might feel vibrations throughout your body.

Sexual Behavior in the Human Male(1948) and Sexual Behavior in the Human Female (1953) by Alfred Kinsey tried to build “an objectively determined body of fact and sex”; by making use of the in-depth interviews, challenging all the currently held views and opinions about sex.

The entire spirit of this work directly comes from the forward by William H. Masters and Virginia Johnson in their work, Human Sexual Response (1986). This one is a real-time study of observations on the physiological effects of many different sexual acts. This research finally led to the establishment of sexology as a scientific discipline. And it is still an important part of many theories around orgasm even today.

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