Rainbow glows in Kolkata Pride despite poor weather

Rainbow glows in Kolkata Pride despite poor weather

Be it the smog in New Delhi or the unseasonal rain in Kolkata, nothing can stop the LGBT+ community from standing up for themselves and their rights.

The recently held 16th Annual Rainbow Pride in Kolkata saw over 5000 people walk zealously from Deshapriya Park to Park Circle Maidan. What is said to be the longest Pride walk in Asia, went on in full swing despite the intermittent rain that hit the city the previous night.

Slogans were raised vociferously against the Transgender Persons Bill of 2016, that is to be tabled in the parliament during its winter session. The Sunday’s Pride also had placards and slogans against Section 377 and some other current issues in the country, such as love jihad.  

A group led by transgender activist Sandeepta Das boosted the spirit of the pride with a cultural performance titled ‘Vogue’. Speaking to FSoG, Das said, “As an artist, I was very proud to perform on the day we were standing for the rights of my community.” “Being a transgender, I feel discriminated not only by the mainstream but also some from within the community,” she shared and quickly added, “I believe in humanity and not sexuality or gender identity. I want people to feel for others in the same way.”

Sayak Manna, a research scholar, left his PhD exam halfway just so that he could attend the pride. “I felt showing solidarity for my community was more important than writing an exam I was underprepared for,” a contented Manna told FSoG over the phone. “It was a wonderful event, with the community strongly asserting itself on several issues,” he added.

By Suyash Karangutkar

Picture Credits: The beacon Kolkata

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