Lady Gaga Announces New Album

Lady Gaga Announces New Album

Bisexual artist Lady Gaga is set to release a new album

Lady Gaga recently announced the title of her upcoming album. The album, titled Chromatica, will be released on April 10th. A single, titled “Stupid Love”, that was released a few days back, has gained a lot of popularity. The new album which was tentatively titled LG6 will feature 16 tracks. The album artwork is still a secret but Lady Gaga has tweeted out a teaser to keep her fans occupied.

The Teaser tweet

The popstar has tested her fans’ patience by hiding all relevant new album information. This did not stop the fans from speculating, though. A lot of fans had managed to piece together a few clues regarding the album. She finally revealed more information about the album and tweeted out a temporary artwork to satiate her fans’ insatiable desires.  The tweet reads:

It is not entirely clear what the artwork stands for but some people have speculated that the artwork is a symbol for a track in the album. Another speculation is that the artwork is the mathematical symbol for sound. This speculation took birth in a recent interview that Lady Gaga gave to Zane Lowe.

Interview with Zane Lowe

Zane Lowe/Lady Gaga/Lady Gaga Announces New Album
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Lady Gaga discussed the album’s concept with famous Beats 1 interviewer Zane Lowe and revealed some interesting information. She talked about the album’s concept at length and said, “The symbol for Chromatica has a sign wave in it, which is the mathematical symbol for sound, and it’s from what all sound is made from, and, for me, sound is what healed me in my life period, and it healed me again making this record, and that is really what Chromatica is all about.”

The pop star also revealed a personal tidbit in the same interview. She stated, “I think what I’ve learned is that I can view the world in whatever way I choose to see it, and it doesn’t mean that I’m deleting the bad things, it just means that I can reframe my life experiences. I live on Chromatica, that is where I live … I found earth, I deleted it. Earth is canceled. I live on Chromatica.”

While talking about the new album, she also mentioned something that a lot of LGBTQ+ people will relate to or will have experienced at some point. She added, “It’s about healing and it’s about bravery as well and it’s really like when we talk about love I think it’s so important to include the fact that it requires a ton of bravery to love someone.”

She further added, “[Chromatica] seems to be about colors and all the different colors and also music is made of a chromatic scale, you know? So it’s all the colors, all the sounds, you know, so we’re talking about inclusivity and life and also a lot of what we see around us and what we’re experiencing is math, which is very much like music and sound is math as well.”

Lady Gaga, her bisexuality and how it relates

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Lady Gaga has openly identified as a bisexual in the past. She talked about this very same matter right at the beginning of her career. She talked about it when she came out to Barbara Walters in 2009. The pop star has written songs in which she has expressed her attraction to women. She also famously stated that anyone who calls her sexual preference a farce and calls it a ‘marketing strategy’ is lying. She had previously addressed a Stonewall Inn crowd and stated that she, “may not even be considered a part of the community,” even though she likes “girls sometimes”. Lady Gaga has also, however, called herself an LGBTQ ally.

This entire scenario gave rise to a twitter conversation about biphobia and bisexual erasure. A few fans blamed Lady Gaga for her unsure stance and called for more clarity from the pop star. Some other fans defended her and stated that male pop stars do not have to deal with the same thing. They cited Shawn Mendes as a prime example. They talked about the male pop star’s request to not speculate about his sexuality. Many even commented that male stars are often celebrated for their queerness.

Drawing from all this relevant information, it can be speculated that Lady Gaga’s new album could ignite more such conversations.


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