Why Is Lana Del Rey The Unexpected Gay Icon?

Me and God we don’t get along, so now I sing: No one’s going to take my soul away. If you are a hardcore Lana Del Rey worshipper, then you already know that this a lyric from her Gods & Monsters song. Lana Del Rey is famous for her edgy music that will send you into a trance. Her lyrics will make you cry and her music will make you want to strip.

Ever since Born To Dieher debut album which released in 2012; Lana successfully acquired a cult of high spirited fan following. But what is it about this dreamy vintage-feel songwriter and singer that has all the gays yelling “icon” at her concerts?

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We’ve deducted the main reasons as to why Lana Del Rey is literally treated as a queen by gays (she’s my queen too).

1. The Outcast Queen:

Lana Del Rey’s unique music sense, immediately made her an outcast in the early stages of her career.

She is not a new face to struggles and hardships that life throws at you; just like the people from community. Her debut album Born To Die held the #2 position on the Billboard 200.  But the critical reviews for this album was extremely negative.

Lana Del Rey/Lana Del Rey/Why Is Lana Del Rey The Unexpected Gay Icon?
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Tabloid media indicted her as an “inauthentic persona” , that it’s the outcome of an audience gaining forceful marketing strategy; among the indie music scene. While Rolling Stone questioned her “dull and dreary” sound, Pitchfork declared that the album was an “ultimate disappointment.” I’m actually wondering if these people ever experienced real pain in life? Or is it just this, glamorised version of pain that they are made to believe as the worst?

After a few shaky promo performances of this album in 2012, along with her breezy Saturday Night Live appearance; this future queen of melancholy and desolation suddenly became uncertain. Eight years and many albums later, Lana Del Rey has definitely shown that she can and has, weathered the storm which surrounded her early career.

2. Her Lyrics Just Hit You At The Right Place

When it comes to the lyrics of her songs, Lana’s albums perfectly describe what hot summer nights are made of and teenage angst. In a society that makes fun of boys who explore their female side; Lana Del Rey’s art acts as an outlet for gay men to sense and feel their fantasies.

Listen to any one – if not all – of her songs. You will definitely find the perfect #gayboy caption for social media. I was filled with poison, but blessed with beauty and rage (lyrics of Ultraviolence), is a great caption option for any well clicked selfie. Don’t think so? Get on your Grindr on a Friday night. And you will definitely spot at least one profile with Lana’s words – “I got a taste for men who’re older” – as a twink bio’s opening.

3. Lana Is The Queen Of Sexual Empowerment

Let’s talk about what Pepsi Cola tastes like on our tongues. Lana Del Rey wrote songs which empower hypersexual expressions. And these songs aren’t afraid to drive us all the way to the end. Her sexual honesty and openness is the right amount of playful and control. Lust For Life her collaboration song with The Weeknd, held number 64 on the Hot 100. It has a passionate chorus which might just make you “take off all your clothes”.

Let me put on a show for you daddy – Lines from her sultry song Yayois filled with sensual chorus about submitting sexually to a sugar daddy; while firing up all the gays who fall for older men.

Lana Del Rey/Lana Del Rey/Why Is Lana Del Rey The Unexpected Gay Icon?
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My old man is a bad man, but I can’t deny the way he holds my hand – another song Off To The Races; which perfectly describes how addictive it can be to be in love with bad sugar daddies. And ignites the desire to immediately go find your own sugar daddy, just to feel everything that Lana describes.

Lana not only wrote about toxic and abusive relationships; but what it truly feels like to be in one. To experience the high of such relationships, and the mark it leaves on your soul. The way these relationships make you feel helpless, hopeless and yet you are afraid to let go.

4. ‘Look At You Kids, You Know You’re The Coolest’

Lana always shares a strong and deep connection with her cult-like fan base. However it was not until with the release of her track Love, that her subject matter turned out to be more around her beloved audience.  Love is a message to her fans, that is crafted beautifully. This track tells us that LDR knows and understands our hardships; and gives a validation to our choices.  It’s nothing short of an inspiration, when an entire generation of queer youth hear and listen to their queen; when she tells them that they’re simply enough.

Do not fall into the trap of believing that LDR normalises abusive relationships. That is not the case here at all. She merely points out the fact that not all people get the same thing; and the ones who explore everything are not wrong or bad.

Lana urges people to stop putting on a happy face, just because someone else is expecting you to. She tells us that it’s okay to be broken angels. And there is no need for us to be unique or special to exist in this otherwise dark world.

Lana’s music is your escape, your drug and your route to salvation. Add her album Born To Die to your playlist right now, and start exploring. I will guarantee you – two songs into the album and you will put her music on loop. Also in the next 24 hours, you will declare Lana Del Rey as your QUEEN and join the cult.

You believe me don’t you baby? 

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