What Type Of A Lesbian Am I ?

What Type Of A Lesbian Am I ?

Do you know which lesb you are? You obviously know there are hundreds of labels that fall under the ‘Lesbian Categories’ list. Duh. While some take these labels pretty damn seriously, most like to joke about around them.

A Little History:

This concept of differentiating women who have a shared sexual orientation, started in the 20th century. All through history, females have not had the similar freedom and independence. Just as men to have homosexual relationships. But they never had to meet the same harsh consequences as homosexual males in certain societies. Rather, lesbian relationships have usually been considered as harmful. Unless a woman attempts to change the privileges traditionally enjoyed by males.

Types of Lesbs:

Hell, we are all different kinds of people. We are all unique in our own beautiful ways. But in the lesbian universe, there exists several types and styles of lesbians. Which give away their sexual identity, to other lesbs and bis out there – to make it easy to identify them. This might surprise or come as a shock to you, but there is a spectrum of lesbian stereotypical categories that fall under the LGBTQ community. Who would have expected right?

This lesb world can be a complex one, with someone always knowing who dated their ex or friend. Or you end up dating a person who your friend once dated. We are a small community and wherever you go, there are two degrees of separation these days.

Take this survey NOW, and let us tell you what type of lesbian you are!

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