Lesbian Sex: How Much Do We Know About It?

Lesbian Sex: How Much Do We Know About It?

Most of us have been through those sex education classes in school. How to use condoms? How to stay safe from sexually transmitted infections? Our teachers educated us on the basics. But were you ever told about sex between same-sex couples? How much knowledge do you have about lesbian sex? Well, let us educate ourselves about some lesbian sex.

According to a new study, bisexuals and lesbians do not have much information about lesbian sex or bisexual sex. Moreover, they need to have safe sex. And that is what this article will tell you.

Lesbian sex 101

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Firstly, lesbian sex is not sex between two women only. It can include lesbians, queers, bisexuals, and trans genders as well.

Everyone likes something unique

Most of the thoughts of sexual intercourse between women come from society and the information they have. And this information mainly comes from the way sex is portrayed on media and inaccurate mainstream pornography.

Communication is paramount in lesbian sex. What women desire from sex varies greatly. From penetration sex with a strap on dildo to mutual masturbation. It is important to know that different women prefer different things. The fact of the matter is that sex should be satisfying for both parties. And trying out new positions could not be better. Everybody is different. and the way they fit together will also be different. Sex that is pleasurable unleashes a variety in your sex life. And that is a beautiful thing.

Creativity is exciting

Lesbian couple/ lesbian sex/Lesbian Sex: How Much Do We Know About It?
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Trying out same-sex positions can get boring for anybody. Maybe you should try switching things up with your partner. Find out new ways to fit with your partner. It keeps things fresh and new and gives a feeling of excitement. Add a little creativity and open door to find new parts of your bodies to explore. A new sensation, and new ways of seeing each. Who would not want that?

Moreover, our bodies keep changing.  They could get injured or become more flexible. They may even change shapes, sizes. What works one day might not work the other. So try switching up positions and find new ways of engaging in the act. It makes you and your partner more excited.

As mentioned before, lesbian sex includes sex with transgenders, and as such, it’s important not to make any assumptions about genitals. Anatomy varies even between cis women.

Anatomy of a women

Pre-HRT trans women can have sexual intercourse like most with penises. But stroking motions or penetrative sex can be dysphoric to some trans women. In such cases consider stimulating the penis with a vibrator or any other sex toy. Try applying pressure rather than stocking. Even anal sex with a strap-on is desires.

Post-HRT trans women have penises that are much more enlarged and can’t become erect like other pennies. In this case, you can try stimulating with a soft touch with your fingertips.

When it comes to trans women who have vaginas, they have the same functions like any other vagina. Whatever your partner is comfortable with. Get to know more about each other’s bodies and their preferences.

Not everything you see is true

Lesbian couple/lesbian sex/Lesbian Sex: How Much Do We Know About It?
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We mentioned earlier that most of the perception of lesbian sex comes from inaccurate pornography. Being a lesbian you should know the importance of recognizing the falsehood of such portrayals. This way you can have a better sex life.

There is a common notion that the act of sex can only be between a man and a women. And the man is usually the one giving penetration. But let’s clear this out. Giving penetration does not make you the “man”. It is important to know that strap-on and other forms of penetrative sex are not the only things lesbians can try. There are other sex toys that also enhance the experience of sex.

Moreover, it is important to know that sex drives vary from individual women. So the assumption that it is the same is also wrong.

It is all about being safe and having fun

The most crucial thing to know is that lesbian sex does not always have to be focused on orgasms. It should not be the end goal of the sexual act all the time. Sex should be about having fun and exploring. It should be about experimentation as a lesbian woman. That is always a good idea.

Additionally, it is important to remember that you can still exchange sexually transmitted infections. It is one of the risks you should be aware of. Pregnancy can also occur with some trans women. So it is important to stay protected. You can use internal condoms, dental dams and other barrier and non-barrier methods.

But there are only a limited number of tips women can use to have safe sex. But the first and most important one is to communicate with your partner. It is always better to know what they like and dislike. Just like in any other type of relationship.

At the end of the day, know what your partner’s desires, preferences, and boundaries are.

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