Sisak – The First Indian Silent LGBT Film

Sisak – The First Indian Silent LGBT Film

Sisak, India’s first silent LGBTQIA love story has floored audiences globally. It has already won a whopping 59 prestigious international awards.

This short film by Faraz Mariam Arif Ansari, premiered in Mumbai last year.

It showcase the fast-paced environment of the usually busting Mumbai local train. It details a romance that develops slowly, nestled in the silences and quiet comforts of the end-to-day train journeys.

The word Sisak means the heart-wrenching silent cry within oneself in Urdu.


“Generally as a writer, it is imperative for me to put down the title of the film before I begin writing it. However, with Sisak, that wasn’t the case.”

“When i was finished writing it, I struggled for months to come up with a title until one day when I read it out to my mom. As soon as she heard my narration, she wept.  She finally said, Yeh dil ke roney ki aawaaz hai, Rooh ke kaapne ki aawaaz… Sisak,” says Faraz, who is based in Mumbai.

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The plot of the film

“Two men meet in the Mumbai Local train over a period of many nights. Both men do not speak any words to each other and there is also no sort of physical intimacy.”

“But what conspires between them is a wordless romance, so strong that it brings them closer to each other, night after night and perhaps, delivers them with transitory moments of fleeting happiness and solace from the unkind realities of the passing world outside,” writes Faraz on the Wishberry campaign page that they had launched to raise funds for the film post-production. The request was met with an overwhelming response and they quickly met their target goals.


Sisak is a poignant love story of two men in a homophobic country where their love is a criminal offence (the shooting of the film was done before Section 377 was decriminalized).

What’s incredible about Sisak is that it’s India’s first silent LGBTQ short film. Filming, directing and acting in a silent film with layers of such a theme is a lot more difficult than people imagine. It is a must watch for everyone regardless of the genre of the film.

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