Your Guide To Long Distance LGBTQ Relationships

Your Guide To Long Distance LGBTQ Relationships

Most people tend to believe that long distance relationships never usually work. And that is because they don’t usually know how it really works.

It is fairly easy to sustain a relationship when you’re in the same location as your partner as compared to staying cities, countries or oceans apart. However, there are couples who fought the distance and some of them are now happily married. Read on to know how these LGBTQ couples are examples, to survive long distance relationships.

Long distance never wavered their feelings:

Ushi met his husband in Milan, at a restobar. This was immediately after the Milan Fashion Week. They genuinely clicked and since it was their last night in Milan, they hooked up. They also spent the rest of the night drinking wine, strolling the empty streets. The next day, they went on their separate ways: Ushi headed off to Paris.

However, he received a friend request on Facebook from his partner, while still at Milan. He enquired if Ushi was still staying in Paris, since he wanted to see him again. It was the moment that Ushi knew, he was THE ONE.

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His partner was however was from Switzerland and did not show any interest to move, since he loved his job. Ushi also did not wish to move, since he had just started his company in Dubai. They hence decided to go into a long distance relationship.

During the early days of their relationship, no discussions regarding the future had happened. They successfully managed to maintain a long distance relationship and surprise each other. Ushi’s now husband had always said that he wanted to marry him, and be his husband one day. A joke, thought Ushi. But, Ushi was proposed for marriage by him in Paris, and he obviously screamed yes.

Cherry on the top is, they still live in separate countries and make sure to stay connected through emails, Skype or even texts when busy. They also travel together and are always excited like honeymooners.

Lindsay and her long distance story:

Lindsay wakes up to her girlfriend’s “Good morning, love. How was your sleep?”, text everyday. Instead of waking up next to each other. It’s their way of a morning hug or kiss. They are in a long distance relationship for the past three years now. Lindsay and her partner are both single mothers to little kids. This is the reason why they can’t move and why they live 1400 miles away from each other.

Although their everyday greetings remind them of how far apart they live each day, the only thing that gets them through distance is the love for each other.

Just as many other lesbian love stories, Lindsay and her partner hit off immediately. They fell in love within weeks of dating. However, getting a U-Haul for their second date is the only fact that makes them different from other lesbian couples.

long distance/long distance/Stories Of LGBTQ Couples Who Survived Long Distance Relationships
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Although it physically and mentally hurts to stay miles apart every single day, theirs is a healthy and strong relationship. They share the same commitment, dedication and love they share for their relationship, as one another. This is the reason why the angst of missing her partner and struggles of staying apart are worth it. Just like other LGBTQ long distance couples, they are not alone on this ship.

Long distance was challenging says Guillaume B:

In 2009, at a gay club called Propaganda in Hong Kong, is where Guillaume and his husband Lok Man met. Guillaume was on an eight day holiday and met Lok on the last day of his visit. Just like the Shawn Mendes song, Lost in Japan. Guillaume’s return flight was scheduled at 8am, and he met Lok at around 1am. It was love at first sight for them.

They promised to stay in touch via MSN and exchanged emails. Once he was back home in Montreal, he checked his email to find a message from Lok Man. This was how their long distance relationship began, however they never officially called it a relationship until they started living in the same city. They would compose long, heartfelt messages everyday, before using Viber and WhatsApp.

Guillaume moved to Singapore a year later. Sometimes Lok would visit him in Singapore, sometimes they would fly to another city. The goal was to stay in the same city and while they were considering Canada, Guillaume scored a job in Hong Kong. They’ve been living together ever since, and they recently celebrated their 3rd year wedding anniversary too.

“Long distance relationship can be challenging so it was important for us to meet often. That, to me, was the key to keeping each other happy”, wrote Guillaume in the Street Style Poser website.

Long distance relationships are hard, but possible: 

These LGBTQ+ couples and many others, have fought the distance and managed to still date, keep the fire burning. Some found their happily ever afters also. Just like most relationships, it is crystal clear that understanding, communication and dedication are absolutely needed factors. It is just something you focus more and work harder on, in case of long distance relationships. Good luck!

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