LGBTQ Movies To Watch This Holiday Season

LGBTQ Movies To Watch This Holiday Season

There has been an explosion of content related to the LGBTQ+ community and its individuals. Although most of it is on television, movies have made a great remark on telling such stories. Many LGBTQ+ movies have also received a lot of attention at the awards. For example, Moonlight was the first gay feature film to receive Best Picture at The Academy Awards. Foreign films like A Fantastic Women are also being awarded for their impeccable  production.

Moreover, there are some LGBTQ+ movies that do not make it to the awards but have made a great impact on viewers. Movies like Tangerine and Weekend make a mark. And they also change the perception of LGBTQ+ individuals.

Let us give you a list of LGBTQ+ movies that you could watch this holiday season.


Gods Own Country

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The BAFTA-nominated movie directed by first time director Francis Lee came out in 2017. And it made quite the impact at the Sundance Film Festival where Francis Lee won the award for best direction. The film covers a romance between a farmer and a Romanian migrant worker. The film is beautiful, visceral and shows how social stigma can complicate gay love. Gods Own Country is one to add to your watch list.

The Kids Are Alright

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A lighter family drama. Lisa Cholodenko brings together the most mainstream film that showcases a rainbow family. A film about two children that are conceived by artificial insemination brings together their biological father and their lesbian parents. The movie gained critical acclaim. Moreover, it was also nominated at The Academy Awards for Best Picture. The film has a great cast to support the script. When you are in the mood for a light family drama with a message The Kids Are Alright is one to watch.

Love, Simon.

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A very sweet, simple story of a teenage boy being closeted at high school. What follows is his battle with blackmail while finding love in the process. The first movie backed up by a major studio. It is based on the best selling novel by Becky Albertalli. The film was critically acclaimed and collected over 60 million at the box office. A light comedy and sweet drama can lighten up your Christmas this year.


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Colette is based on a true story about the famous writer Sidonie-Gabrielle Colette. The movie is about a feminist who stepped out of her husband’s shadow to become the most famous French author of the world. Moreover, Colette engaged in relationships with men, women, and transgenders. In an era such as this, she managed to break the sexual norms of society and rose to fame. Directed by Wash Westmoreland, who is also gay and a cast that includes transgenders. This film is for those who are looking for some inspiration to grow.

Stranger By The Lake

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A movie about two men that fall in love at a cursing spot tucked away in the shores of a lake. Sounds like a typical getaway romantic movie? Well, what you don’t know is the secrets that hide behind a local worker that turns out to be a serial killer. The interesting part of the movie is the portrayal of sex that is passionate, raw and very graphic, and it does not shy away from male nudity and erections. Let’s say that this movie includes everything from drama, romance, and thriller. Something to keep you on the edge of your seat, Stranger By The Lake is one to watch out for.

Pain And Glory

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The film starring Antonio Banderas is a depiction of his life and career as a Spanish filmmaker. Director Pedro Almod√≥var brings to screen another production that moved the needle internationally for LGBTQ visibility. The film is the director’s most personal work yet. The film shows the relationship between a director and his actor. As well as an artist and his muse. Moreover, actor Antonio Banderas could be awarded as the Best Actor in the award seasons to come.


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Yet another teen movie to look out for this season. Booksmart is a fresh take on high school comedy between two best friends and the close relationship they build over time. First time director Olivia Wilde features a love story that is very in the moment. The movie is very refreshing and new and leaves behind the cliches that include jocks, nerds and burnouts. Nominated at the Golden Globes, this film could hit the marks for the next teen’s movies to follow.

Well, here are some of the top movies we have for you this season. Add these to your watch list and you will not regret spending time on them. Love, drama, history, thriller, we have covered it all.

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