Religious Freedom V/S Anti-Discrimination, The US Supreme Court torn

Religious Freedom V/S Anti-Discrimination, The US Supreme Court torn

In a tolerant world should intolerance be tolerated?

The US supreme court is divided between the baker at The Master piece cake shop and a same sex couple that wanted a cake for their wedding.

The case is the struggle between religious freedom against anti-discrimination laws.

Jake Philips (baker) has been sued for refusing to bake a cake for a gay wedding as it interfered with this religious beliefs, but states civil rights commission ruled against him.

Although he claims to serve everyone that comes into to his shop but not every event, his case is based on his religious freedom and to him “Baking is an art” and says If his religious beliefs as a christian stop him from creating his cakes for same sex couples.

This case has never been about cakes. It’s about the rights of gay people to receive equal service in businesses and not be afraid of being turned away because of who they are,” David Mullins, who attempted to commission Phillips to bake a wedding cake in 2012, told Fox News. “It’s about basic access to public life.”

After nearly 90 minutes of oral arguments, the Supreme Court justices appeared to be equally divided along ideological lines about the case.  A ruling is expected by June 2018.

This case has become so popular that it was even featured on the Daily Show with Trevor Noah!


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